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“Risk management will become an even more significant component of success,” says J. P. Gervais with Farm Credit Canada.

Farm income: a dip and now holding

Canadian farm income fell on market volatility, but export growth is still likely, says FCC

Final figures aren’t available yet but all signs suggest farm income in 2018 was clipped by several factors and will likely stay at that level through this year, says J.P. Gervais, chief agricultural economist with Farm Credit Canada. “Price volatility, higher input costs and weather-related challenges in many parts of the country over the past

Five common misperceptions about investing in the stock market, debunked

Five common misperceptions about investing in the stock market, debunked

Occasionally I get an opportunity to make a presentation promoting my book. The theme of my 30- to 45-minute presentation is that most stock investing perceptions are actually misperceptions. Following are five common perceptions, which I feel are actually misperceptions.

Saskatchewan farming prices – in 2016 dollars per acre.

Risk and volatility not necessarily same

Hedging Your Bets: Current canola and farmland prices are examples of markets at risk of a sudden change

When thinking about risk, there can be a lot of different interpretations. Risk does not have to mean volatility but the two tend to work in conjunction. One way to define risk is ‘the consequence of not meeting your goals.’ One of my favourite authors on the topic of market risk and practical trading ideas

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Seven summer financial bottlenecks

In biz-speak, a bottleneck is a point of congestion that causes delays or inefficiencies, leading to higher costs. It’s a perfect metaphor for farm finances at a time of year when the bottle we’d rather be thinking about might have something cold in it, with us sitting on a dock. Yet summer is a too-good-to-miss

Blockchain could revolutionize food

It’s an impressive and high-tech solution to the problem of sharing information 
from many parties quickly and easily

There has been a lot of noise on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin of late. While some suggest cryptocurrencies are a fraud, others believe them to be the next economic revolution. Bitcoin has brought to light the interesting concept of blockchain technology, which offers great potential for the agri-food sector. Yet it is far from being the

Young ranchers and farmers are struggling to access land in the face of competition from large and well-established operations the Manitoba Beef Producers heard.

Taking aim at credit options for fledgling farms

Do new farmers need better access to newcomer-friendly financing? At least one producer says yes

When it comes to farmland, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Brooke Rossnagel hopes policy-makers will understand it is in the interest of the sector as a whole to break that cycle. He wants better access to credit for new farmers, and he’s hoping that a motion with the Manitoba Beef Producers

RCMP emphasize fraud prevention measures

Numerous types of scams and frauds operating on global, national, and local levels undermine the confidence of Manitobans by stealing their hard-earned money. These crimes are often borderless and have no specific target demographic group. Over the past several months, the RCMP have received several reports from residents who have had money withdrawn from their

Terry Betker, CEO and president of Backswath Management Inc., advises farmers on managing interest rate risk.

Looking for a loan? Add in interest rate risk when deciding to borrow

With Canada enjoying some of the lowest borrowing costs on record, it might be time to consider that expansion, but how do you avoid the landmines if interest rate shifts appear on the horizon?

Working on your farm management skills is like exercising… it pays big benefits, but it’s easy to push it off for another day. Only one-third of producers use business advisers or risk management tools, and fewer still do HR, succession, or strategic planning. To help make your farm more profitable (and your life more enjoyable),