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Camp’s Unique Contribution Recognized

Ever wonder why they dug trenches in a zigzag formation? During the Boer War at the turn of the last century, the British learned a brutal lesson from the Dutch-speaking rebels in what is now South Africa. At the battle of Spion Kop in 1900, the Boer farmers held a higher position over a trench

Fairs & Festivals – for Oct. 1, 2009

Oct. 2-4 – Manitoba Plowing Championship, Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Austin. Admission $5 (museum admission included). Friday, beginners’ class begins 11 a. m.; Saturday, juniors begin 9 a. m., seniors 1 p. m. For more info call Barb Boundy at 204-534-6451 or Tom Ryall at 204-328-7546. Oct. 3 – Roland Pumpkin Fair, 8 a. m. to

In Flanders fields…

Like many of my generation, I’m named after someone I never knew, an uncle who lost his life along with five others in a Lancaster bomber over Belgium in 1944. A trip to Germany last year found my wife and I close to that country from which so many failed to return from two world

Tours teach educators about wars

Sometimes we hear complaints that students don’t learn enough about the First and Second World Wars and the part Canadian soldiers played in these historic events. Hoping to change that, a number of Canadian teachers have, for the last three summers, taken part in study tours designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the Canadian