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Many modern farms use a lot of large equipment such as silage choppers and feed wagons that can be the source of metal.

Beef 911: ‘Hardware disease’ is a common problem in cow herds

Good pasture sanitation is important, and rumen magnets are a good investment

Vets call it traumatic reticuloperitonitis, but it’s better known as “hardware disease,” a term referring to a medical condition caused when an object penetrates through the reticulum, or second stomach causing infection in the abdomen. If a sharp object goes through the diaphragm, the cow can die of heart failure. Hardware disease drains production of

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Hi Reena, Year after year, mildew develops along the caulking/sealant around my windows. In past years, my husband has regularly used bleach and much elbow grease to clean it. We don’t mind the normal amount of work a house takes but this is ridiculous, not to mention probably harmful to our health — both the

No till doesn’t mean “never till,” says adviser

It may seem like heresy, but shallow plowing once every seven years 
could help rather than hurt soil quality

It’s still possible to catch a glimpse of a moldboard plow now and then on the Prairies. Usually, they can be seen rusting away peacefully in the bushes near an abandoned farm yard, or taking one last ride on the back of a scrap metal truck. That’s where the older plows belong, said Pat Lynch,

CFIA temporarily closes XL plant

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has temporarily shut one of the country’s largest meatpacking plants after contaminated beef products, that were distributed across Canada and the United States, are believed to have sickened several people. The operators of privately held XL Foods’ plant in Brooks, Alberta have not done enough to prevent contamination by

Scientists are watching Ug99 closely

Wheat experts are stepping up monitoring of a crop disease first found in Africa in 1999 to minimize the spread of a deadly fungus that is also a threat in Asia, experts said Aug. 31. A “Rust-Tracker,” using data supplied by farmers and scientists, could now monitor the fungus in 27 developing nations across 42

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Dear Reena, I just discovered a method for freezing peaches and it is a wonderful time and mess saver. This works the same way as freezing whole tomatoes and it is so easy! Just freeze the whole peach, with skin and all, and when it is time to use it, run it under hot water

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

The region south of Riding Mountain National Park has been described by historical geographers as 
possessing the greatest concentration of eastern European-style churches on the North American continent

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church is situated approximately 12 km northeast of Oakburn in the Dolyny district in the heart of the picturesque, rolling landscape of the province’s South Riding Mountain “pothole” region. In addition to its outstanding natural beauty, the region has been described by historical geographers as likely possessing the greatest

Animal stress affects meat quality

Quality pork depends on a lot of factors, among them is how pigs are transported to the slaughterhouse. Yolande Seddon and other researchers at the Prairie Swine Centre have been investigating the causes of swine stress during transportation and notes the Prairies have some particular transportation challenges to overcome. “We know there are very challenging

Farmers fear consolidation, not foreigners, in Viterra bid

Reuters / For most of the past year, western Canadian farmers have braced for the rush of competition that will follow the end of the Canadian Wheat Board’s 69-year-long monopoly on grain marketing in August. Now, they’re preparing for the possibility of seeing less than expected. The fertile region’s biggest grain handler, Viterra, said March