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Comment: Continue to improve mental health supports

All Canadians — no matter where they live — deserve access to the needed resources

Government efforts to improve mental health supports for Canadians should be improved. Every year, Bell “Let’s Talk Day” is welcomed with kind messages from people, including politicians, encouraging folks to take care of themselves and each other. Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau did just that this Jan. 28. In a press release, Bibeau

Keystone Agricultural Producers is launching a series of 34 online workshops on mental health.

Workshops shine light on farmer mental health

KAP’s series of online workshops will highlight signs of mental distress, how to tell if someone is struggling, and the best ways to approach that conversation or get help yourself

Producers looking to expand their knowledge on everything from market trends to agronomy have had their pick of online education for the last year, but the latest series of free ag-related seminars hope to tackle a problem usually held closer to the vest — mental health. Why it matters: Farmers have little trouble confronting an

“I’d even be dead or in prison if it wasn’t for this place, because in no way I would have been able to cope in society if I hadn’t come here.” – Abi Edmed, 25.

‘The cow can’t tell my secrets’ — U.K. care farms a pandemic lifeline

Therapy, mental help able to go forward in person with outdoor, farming activities

Reuters – Care farms nestled in the British countryside are providing a lifeline for people struggling with mental health during the pandemic, allowing them to swap therapy sessions on Zoom for the joys of fresh air, mucking out cow sheds and cuddling donkeys. With vital public services for vulnerable people shut down or reduced to

KAP to host ‘In the Know’ mental health training

KAP to host ‘In the Know’ mental health training

The agriculture-specific course will be delivered through Zoom between January and March

Agriculture-specific mental health literacy training will be available for Manitoba farmers through Keystone Agricultural Producers starting January 18. KAP will host ‘In the Know’ — a course developed especially for farmers to inform them on mental health, how to cope with the stresses of farming, and how to start safe conversations about mental health. “Our

Kevin Werner, former vice-president of commercial and agriculture banking with TD Bank, shares his (pre-recorded) story during the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference on November 25.

Bringing mental health out in the open

Kevin Werner tells his story of depression, anxiety in hopes others will come forward

Depression nearly took Kevin Werner’s life when he was a preteen. Werner remembers being depressed and anxious even at age five or six, he told an online audience during this year’s virtual Advancing Women in Agriculture conference. He’d feel down, like he didn’t belong or shouldn’t be part of this world despite his tight-knit family,

Concerted effort needed to make winter what you want it to be

Concerted effort needed to make winter what you want it to be

With events cancelled, travel on hold and entertainment scant, winter threatens to be long and lonely

Five days before Christmas, Pilot Mound residents cut the ribbon and cut the carrot cake inside their brand new, community-run theatre. After a decade of work and community fundraising events, the volunteer board that runs the theatre was so happy to open, said Heather Brewster, a board member. On March 19 the Tivoli Community Theatre

Young farmers more stressed, less able to cope, study finds

Young farmers more stressed, less able to cope, study finds

Business planning and other management practices contribute to peace of mind, but younger farmers less likely to engage in these for several reasons

A recent study has shown that young farmers are more stressed than older ones — and less likely to be effective at dealing with that stress. “Have you ever heard a farmer say, ‘I have peace of mind’”? said Jake Ayre, a young farmer and second vice-president of Keystone Agriculture Producers (KAP). His tongue may

Correlation between risk management and mental health: Study

Study supports education around risk mitigation planning to support good mental health

Farm business management activities have a positive correlation to mental health, according to a new study from Farm Management Canada. “Farm business management practices offer a significant opportunity for managing the stresses of farming in a way that contributes to positive mental health,” said Heather Watson, executive director of Farm Management Canada in a news

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Report links business management, mental health of farmers

Farm women, young farmers report higher levels of stress, difficulties coping

Ottawa — A new report from Farm Management Canada (FMC) calls for action after determining 75 per cent of Canadian farmers reported being moderately to highly stressed about unpredictable interference, workload pressure and financial pressures. But how a farmer plans his or her business — and associated risks — can help lower that statistic. The

Stressful season nears completion

Stressful season nears completion

Talk about your stress and be proactive to get a better outcome

One of Gerry Friesen’s lowest moments came in 2005 when, after a serious accident put his brother in the hospital, the entire weight of the family hog operation fell on his shoulders. A neighbour dropped by one day and asked, in typical fashion, how he was doing. Usually Friesen would say he was just fine.