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Opposition seeks high ground as flood waters recede

Manitoba’s opposition party wants action on flood mitigation 
but is a little shallow on details

There are some muddy politics swirling around Manitoba’s flood waters. On July 30, Manitoba’s opposition Tories called for a moratorium on drainage in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as part of a Progressive Conservative plan to reduce flooding. Tory water critic, Shannon Martin said he had asked “the province to engage our counterparts in Saskatchewan to

Ritz Repeatedly Calls Oberg A Thief — Then Recants

Under threat of legal action, federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz hastily retracted widely circulated comments he made last week accusing CWB chair Allen Oberg of stealing farmers money. This word was only used figuratively and I retract it, Ritz said in a statement emailed to reporters Nov. 12. It remains our government s belief that

Cyclone May Be Tipping Point In Australia Climate Policy Debate

Australia has endured two of its deadliest summers on record, blamed in part on global warming, but record fires, floods and cyclones have not persuaded it to take strong action on climate change. But some experts hope that the arrival of giant Cyclone Yasi on the coast of Queensland, already hit by massive floods last

Confusion Reigns Over Who Gets To Vote

“It certainly wasn’t what was intended from the panel report.” – DAVID ROLFE If farmers are confused whether they’ll get a vote in Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) elections this fall, they aren’t alone. Media, farm organizations, and maybe even the minister of agriculture, have been confused too. Ottawa tabled Bill C-27, the Canadian Wheat Board

Wheat board bans freelancer

Freelance reporter and commentator Harry Siemens was excluded from two Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) news conferences because of his rude behaviour, not because he’s a wheat board critic, says Louise Waldman, the CWB’s manager of media relations and advertising. “He has used news conferences in the past to air his own personal opinion as opposed

Publicity and promotions good for business

“To grow your business, you have to think bigger.” – CLINT MASSE Start with a product you believe in. Gear it to your customers. Advertise like crazy. That was some of the valuable advice learned at every stop on the agri-tourism best-practices tour in the capital region of Manitoba. There are some very essential ingredients