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Drought in the winter wheat grazing area of the southern Plains caused early movement of calves from wheat pastures into feedlots.

Forced liquidation a cause of volatility in beef cattle prices

There are record meat supplies in the U.S., but demand has been boosted by the strong economy

Several producers recently expressed their frustration with the volatility in cattle prices. Price movements of several dollars can occur from one day to the next, and cash and futures market prices even seem to move in opposite directions at times. Of course, uncertainty causes market volatility, and a number of supply-and-demand challenges are adding to

Editorial: Who needs convincing?

Maybe it’s just a guilty pleasure or maybe you can justify it by saying it’s good mental exercise, but one way or another I confess — I watch “Jeopardy.” One of the benefits of being semi-retired is that you can be home to watch it at 4:30. Considering the U.S. drug commercials (with their terrifying

U.S. faces oversupply of antibiotic-free chicken

One of the top U.S. chicken producers says there’s more than eight times as much 
supply as demand

Supplies of chicken raised without antibiotics are outstripping demand, a major U.S. poultry producer said Jan. 16, a sign of overproduction that could eat into processors’ profits. Large chicken and restaurant companies, including Tyson Foods and McDonald’s, have raced to cut antibiotics from poultry supplies as public health experts have warned about the link between

Cattle markets beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Producers are cleaning out their pens ahead of year-end

As the last few days of 2017 wind down, so too does activity at most auction marts in the province. Volumes were noticeably weaker during the week ended Dec. 15 as producers cleaned out their pens before the end of the year. Just over 5,000 animals made their way to Manitoba’s eight major outlets, compared

Beef producers are being asked to fill out a survey on cattle losses during this fall’s district meetings.

MBP seeks producer data on predation losses

Beef operators are urged to fill out a survey and help assess the extent of the problem

Manitoba Beef Producers needs members to put some numbers to what they say is the impact predators are having on the provincial beef herd. They repeatedly hear about losses and producers now make impassioned pleas to have something done about the pressure on herds, particularly from wolf attacks, general manager Brian Lemon told district meetings which

Rising Chicago futures support Manitoba values

Availability of trucks may soon become a market issue

Cattle prices rose at Manitoba auction marts during the week ended Oct. 27, as futures prices on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange helped push up sales. “Just about every day it’s been positive (on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and that’s what is holding the market probably together on the feeder cattle,” said Robin Hill with Heartland

Processed meat products are particularly hard to test for adulteration.

Rapid detection of meat fraud

Spanish researchers say a new biosensor can give test results within an hour

In recent years meat fraud has been a growing problem. Unscrupulous sellers have been caught adulturating beef with cheaper horsemeat and swapping chicken for turkey in sausages labelled 100 per cent turkey. Now researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid say they’ve developed an electrochemical biosensor that can quickly detect a DNA fragment unique to

Editorial: Changing times, changing tastes

It’s not unusual for grownup kids to call ahead before coming home to give the resident cook time to prepare their special requests, usually for the likes of apple pie that fill the house with delicious aromas and the heart with warmth. But this time, the request was unusual. “If you’re bored this weekend, could

This small outbuilding near Gilbert Plains is a designated heritage site, as one of the few beef ring buildings still standing in Manitoba.

Beef rings speak volumes of local history

These early informal co-operatives kept beef on the table in the warm summer months before refrigeration

The recorded history of the settling of Western Canada is a sketchy affair. I am not referring to history as we ordinarily think of it, such as treaties, battles, or political decisions, but rather the histories of families, communities, and the evolution of a society largely cast upon their own devices in what was a

Summer slowdown begins for Manitoba auction marts

Signals point to a market getting set to weaken

The dog days of summer have arrived at auction marts in Manitoba, as just 827 cattle were sold during the week ended June 23, well down from the previous week when 1,890 animals were sold. Prices stayed relatively firm, however, with some mild strengthening on a few of the light heifer classes. For instance, heifers