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Brazil Farmers Return To School To Keep Their Edge

The global commodities boom and tougher competition are pushing more and more Brazilian farmers to take business degrees, even though some of them barely graduated from high school. Firms offering MBAs say they have seen a surge in demand from Brazil s rural areas and they are now offering programs across the vast interior, far

Mandatory Membership Requires Significant Common Benefit

Groucho Marx once joked that he would never “join any club that would accept him as a member.” I think a better principle would be to never join any organization that is forcing you to be a member. The Manitoba Beekeepers Associat ion is at tempt ing to force me to join and pay membership

Former Honey Leader In Sticky Mess Over Membership Fees

“If they want to send the sheriff to collect, then at that point there’s a legal dispute.” – PHIL VELDHUIS Af o r m e r Ma n i t o b a Beekeepers Association president has set the stage for a potential showdown with his organization by refusing to pay a compulsory membership fee.