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Dr. Martin Entz.

Entz honoured by Organic Trade Association

Plant scientist recognized for contributions to organic agriculture

Dr. Martin Entz, Professor in the Department of Plant Science, was honoured by the Canada Organic Trade Association with the Leadership in Organic Science Award during the 10th anniversary Organic Week Celebration in Toronto on Sept. 11, 2019. The Organic Science Award is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated a significant impact through their research

Hairy vetch blooms mingle with hemp plants in WADO’s hemp-legume intercrop trials this year.

Mixing and matching intercrops with WADO

Results are in on last year's Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization’s intercrop trials

Dry conditions and roving deer added extra challenge to intercropping in southwest Manitoba, but Melita’s Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization (WADO) still gleaned results this past season. Intercropping, also known as companion cropping, is an emerging practice in general. Farmers are drawn to it for potential overyielding, disease or weed management or increased water use in

Katherine Stanley (l) has been named as the Manitoba Organic Alliance’s first agronomist.

Manitoba Organic Alliance names agronomist

Katherine Stanley will take on the term position over the next year

Manitoba’s organic farmers now have an agronomist to call their own — even if it’s only for a year. The farmer organization the Manitoba Organic Alliance has teamed up with the University of Manitoba and the provincial Agriculture Department to create a one-year term position for an organic agronomist and Katherine Stanley has been named

The University of Manitoba’s Martin Entz, an agriculture professor and cropping systems specialist, suspects reduced tillage and organic production may not be mutually exclusive.

Can organic no till work in the field?

Environmental benefit is part of organic market value, but organic weed management usually means tillage, commonly considered a black mark for soil health. Is there a middle ground?

Hairy vetch may be the key to reducing tillage in organic farming, at least in the short term. Martin Entz, a professor and agriculture systems expert from the University of Manitoba has been looking at mulches for organic weed suppression, rather than the tillage typically used. “We found that when we used the right mulch,

Vurayayi Pugeni, who works with the Mennonite Central Committee out of Winnipeg and Score Against Poverty, a Zimbabwean NGO, says a project designed by the University of Manitoba’s Martin Entz and his colleagues has brought food security to his Zimbabwean village through innovations such as intercropping 
with legumes.

Manitoba project aids Zimbabwean food security

Hemp Genetics International thinks Canadian and Zimbabwean farmers can learn from each other

If you had four children, but only enough food to feed one, how would you choose? It’s a choice Vurayayi Pugeni’s mother had to make when he was growing up in Zimbabwe. Fortunately it’s not one mothers today in Pugeni’s village have to make because they enjoy food security, thanks in part to a research

Editorial: New opportunities

Editorial: New opportunities

Agriculture is often viewed, especially by outsiders, as a staid and conservative place where things are done by tradition. To be fair, it’s often true. After all, you’re practising a craft that’s 12,000 years old and the foundation of human civilization. Without farming we’d all be hunting and gathering our next meal with no time

The largest graduating class since 1986 was awarded diplomas May 5 from the University of Manitoba’s School of Agriculture.

School of Agriculture sees large graduate class

The University of Manitoba’s diploma program saw 75 graduate this spring

The University of Manitoba’s School of Agriculture has graduated its largest class in more than 30 years. Seventy-five students received their Diplomas in Agriculture at the 2017 convocation of the School of Agriculture held May 5, at the University of Manitoba. This is the largest graduating class since 1986. Brian Archibald of Killarney received the

Editorial: Family feud

Everyone has that cousin, uncle or sibling. You love them, they’re family after all, but sometimes you just don’t like them much. Maybe it’s their insistence on talking about their controversial politics over Christmas dinner. Perhaps it’s the way they can’t just talk about how much they like their new tractor without running down yours.

University of Manitoba professor, Martin Entz says tensions between conventional and organic producers appear to be softening.

Organic agriculture no panacea: study

Too many uncertainties exist to say it’s the only solution

Organic agriculture has benefits but it is not a silver bullet for global food security, a new study says. Too much scientific uncertainty exists for organic agriculture to be considered a better alternative to conventional farming, says the study by two University of British Columbia researchers. “(O)rganic agriculture cannot be the Holy Grail for our

University of Manitoba researcher Martin Entz (r) gives federal MP Terry Duguid a quick lesson in the merits of hairy vetch in a cropping system at the Glenlea long-term organic cropping trials Sept. 23. Looking on is the university’s vice-president of research Digvir Jayas and Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler.

New funds for organic research

Researchers at the long-term organic research trials at Glenlea will be getting some state-of-the art equipment

Organic research at the University of Manitoba is getting a boost from the provincial and federal governments. They capped off National Organic Week by announcing a $366,000 research investment Sept. 23. “This strategic investment in equipment and infrastructure will ensure the university continues to produce research that is relevant to producers who are interested in