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Vendors Wanted At Farmers’ Markets

Customers are flocking to Manitoba’s growing number of farmers’ markets. The problem is finding enough vendors. With 65 markets about to open this summer, including 13 in Winnipeg, new market coordinators may be beating the bushes for those with something to sell at them. “This is where our largest struggle is, keeping up with demand

Farmers’ Market Numbers Growing In Manitoba

When new directors of the fledgling Farmers’ Market Association of Manitoba Co-op Inc. (FMAM) first organized in November 2007, they had no idea they were on the cusp of a local marketing groundswell. The number of farmers’ markets in Manitoba has more than doubled in the last three years, with FMAM’s membership swelling from that

Killarney Farmers’ Market Heads Downtown

“More and more people are coming to the farmers’ markets, and it’s really growing. This is our fourth year, and sales have gone up 25 per cent.” – RICHARD GROSS OF THE MAYFAIR COLONY It was a whole new playing field July 3 as the Killarney Farmers Market vendors set up their stalls for the

Rules Change Governing Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets have the green light to open more often under new rules that now expand the number of days they can operate. The province has ditched its old 14-day limit to the days of operation, and will now permit farmers’ markets to open as often as two days a week – every week all

Clearer Rules For Food Safety At Farmers’ Markets

“It can be something as simple as going to your local church hall or community centre. Chances are they have a place that we issue a permit to.” – MIKE LEBLANC, MANAGER OF THE HEALTH PROTECTION UNIT WITH MANITOBA HEALTH More perogis and pumpkin pies may turn up for sale at farmers’ markets this year

Farmers’ Markets Sales Growing

“It’s significant, and this has potential for more growth.” – Blair Hamilton With Dungannon Consulting Services, Author Of Farmers’ Markets Association Of Manitoba Economic I Mpact Study Gross sales at farmers’ markets have quadrupled in five years in Manitoba, rising to over $2.28 million from $600,000 in 2003, according to findings of a new study

Vendors transact $1 billion annually

FOR MORE INFO? Log on to For an indepth presentation on the future of Canadian farmers’ markets and more detail on Farmers’ Markets Canada log on to the December 1 Agriwebinar presentation by Brent Warner found on Canadian Farm Business Management Council website at Mention this the next time someone declares “no one

Farmers’ market vendors want access to skills development: study

“The main thing FMAM needs to be doing is providing good value for their members and communicating what they’re doing.” – KAYE GRANT, RECONNAISSANCE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GROUP Focus on vendors’ needs. That’s a key recommendation contained in a new business plan prepared for the recently organized Farmers’ Market Association of Manitoba (FMAM). FMAM quickly signed

Farmers’ markets have $10 million economic impact: study

Think those $5 and $10 bills exchanged for garden produce and other homegrown food at farmers’ markets don’t amount to much money made by anyone? Think again. Taking total economic impact into account, the value of farmers’ market activity to Manitoba’s economy exceeds $10 million annually, according to interim findings of a new study released