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Violife’s vegan cheese-substitute lines include cheddar-style slices. (

Becel maker Upfield to relocate Ontario plant

Company to make vegan cheese substitutes, other spreads at Brantford

The maker of Becel margarine, Imperial spreads and, most recently, vegan near-cheese Violife plans to boost its Canadian manufacturing capacity with a move from Toronto to Brantford, Ont. The Canadian arm of Amsterdam-based Upfield said Wednesday it has bought a 164,000-square foot industrial building at Brantford and “brings a significant investment involving the purchase of

Drive away wireworms with Pandrinox

Drive away wireworms with Pandrinox

Our History: January 1960

Pandrinox seed treatment advertised in our January 1960 issues offered control of both insects and fungal diseases, and came with a “handy Pandri-meter” to measure the proper amount. The Jan. 28 issue reported the release of the one-man “Manitoba Margarine Inquiry Commission” headed by W.J. Waines, dean of arts and science at the University of

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Outrage, acceptance greet Son of NAFTA

Responses from Canada’s farm sectors range from acceptance to anger as concessions and market access granted under the successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) come into clearer view. Dairy: ‘Who needs an enemy?’ The new agreement, announced Sunday and dubbed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) by the U.S. government, is expected to

Make the most of seeding into stubble

Make the most of seeding into stubble

Our History: March 1961

Summerfallow was still a common part of the rotation in 1961, but for those seeding into stubble, this ad from our March 30 issue reminded them that they needed nitrogen and suggested they leave an unfertilized check strip to confirm the difference. An article quoting Manitoba Department of Agriculture specialists reinforced the advice. It said

Butter vs. margarine

Butter and margarine — are they good or bad? The relative healthfulness of butter versus margarine has been an ongoing controversy. It has started many debates by nutrition scientists in laboratories and consumers in grocery stores. Butter has a long history dating to ancient times. Rationed during the Second World War, butter was such a

Food Prices — For Now

briefs milan/reuters World food prices are likely to remain on a downward trend for some time, after falling in September again, due to increased cereals output and weaker demand, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. But global economic uncertainty and still tight cereal reserves would add volatility to prices, said the agency

Beneficial Plant Sterols Not Available To Canadians

Health Canada’s minister should listen to her provincial colleagues, all overwhelmed by the costs of health care, not the least from the public cost of drugs to treat CHD. The recently released report by Food and Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) titled Food Regulatory Systems: Canada’s Performance in the Global Marketplace is yet another study

Heart And Stroke Calls For Trans Fat Regulation

“What is disturbing is that while some producers of the products have long ago complied with the recommendations, others continue to ignore them entirely.” – HANDS CEO AND CO-CHAIR OF THE TRANS FAT TASK FORCE SALLY BROWN The Heart and Stroke Foundation says disappointing results from two years of voluntary efforts by the food industry