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A nursing foal relies on its own mother, Mother Nature and its human caretakers to ensure good health.

Care of the nursing foal

Horse Health: Mother Nature, their own mother and human caretakers all have a profound effect on the wellness of young horses

From the time a foal is a week old and healthy until it is weaned, its physical, mental and emotional development is influenced by many caretakers. Mother Nature and Mother Horse are the foal’s primary caretakers, however, human caretakers can also have a substantial influence on the foal’s development. Many events that occur in the

What to expect when your horse is expecting

Horse Health: The majority of mares foals between dusk and dawn

Foaling is a remarkable process that few owners witness. They usually arrive to discover a healthy foal having already nursed and easily following alongside its dam. An uneventful foaling and a vigorous newborn foal are the natural outcome of a healthy mare with an excellent nutritional program and opportunity for plenty of movement. The duration

When a horse sustains a laceration to one of its lower limbs, the functional and cosmetic outcome is greatly improved with early veterinary intervention.

Dealing with the eight top equine emergencies

When to call the vet and what to do until he or she arrives

Most horse owners will at some time encounter an emergency. Recognizing a true veterinary emergency and knowing appropriate first aid care until the veterinarian arrives can substantially improve the equine patient’s outcome. Colic is the most common cause for emergency calls. Colic is a broad term which describes abdominal pain or “pain in the belly.”

Brandon was worth the trip — if you were looking for draft horses

Many of the leading horse dealers in the country made 
their home in Brandon and brought in stallions and 
mares from Europe, Ontario and the U.S.

The flood of settlers pouring into the West around the turn of the last century also meant a surge in demand for draft horses, and that turned Brandon into the draft horse centre of the Prairies. The town was home to many of the leading horse dealers in the country, such as Colquhoun and Beattie,

Seized horses get a new lease on life

Lakeview councillor describes filly he bought at auction as ‘pretty as a picture 
with a nice personality — just perfect for a little kid’

She could easily have ended up on someone’s dinner plate, but now she’s a promising student in Richard Callander’s round pen. “She’s actually pretty well put together,” said Callander, as he demonstrated the yearling filly’s quick progress since he brought her back to his ranch along with five other mares and foals from the Gladstone

Feed horses properly in winter

Winter is in full force, and horse owners need to make sure they feed their animals appropriately for the conditions, according to North Dakota State University Extension Service equine specialist Carrie Hammer. Feeding good-quality hay in sufficient amounts is one of the best ways to help horses keep warm. Feed digestion produces heat, with the

Pfizer cuts jobs at Brandon plant

There will be no impact on the 26 remaining equine ranching operations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan despite plans by U.S.-based drug giant Pfizer to cut 50 jobs from its Brandon pregnant mares’ urine collection and processing facility by 2013. “The focus of the restructuring is a result of operational efficiency initiatives and to best position

Weaning Too Quickly Cause Aftereffects That Last A Lifetime

Weaning has a significant lifetime impact on a horse s well-being because of the nutritional, emotional, mental, physical, and social changes that occur at that time. Foals are very dependent on their mother s milk at four months of age, after which they gradually become nutritionally independent. Ideally by six months they will have made