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Panelists Laura Lazo of Manitoba Women in Agriculture, Pam Bailey, chair of Ag Women Manitoba and Arenda Vanderdeen of the Manitoba Women’s Institute told the recentManitoba Farm Women’s Conference
that technology can trump geographic isolation.

Linked by technology

Manitoba Farm Women’s conference panel says technology can connect women in agriculture into powerful networks

Women who farm and live in rural Manitoba need relationships with each other, not merely ‘connections,” — not easy to establish or maintain given provincial geography. But organizations well established and new are working hard to change that, and with a high-tech twist. Why it matters: Manitoba women in the agriculture sector can be geographically

A Port in the Storm was created to be a place to call home, when you’re far from yours while receiving treatment for critical illness, says its executive director Stacey Grocholski. All suites in downtown Winnipeg are fully equipped and include a kitchen and private bathroom so those arriving for stays need bring only clothing and groceries.

A Port in the Storm

The adult medical hospice is a little-known health service available to rural Manitobans

Those who live in Winnipeg and receiving ongoing treatment for critical illnesses at large city hospitals are just a short drive to and from the care they need. Not so for rural and northern Manitobans who can live many hours — one way — away. In the early 2000s a Brandon-area single mother found herself

Opportunities for education and developing supportive networks are vital for women’s good mental health, says speakers who will attend the Manitoba Rural Women’s Day events being held in October.

Rural Women’s Day to focus on mental health and wellness

The Manitoba Women’s Institute is hosting two separate events bringing together a broad range of speakers on the theme ‘A Healthy Mind is a Treasure to Find’

Rural and farm women face the same day-to-day pressures and stress as those who live in urban areas, but they also face unique challenges when it comes to staying well mentally. For one, there are fewer services and supports available to those who juggle not just dual but triple roles of family, work and a

Maren Mueller, (left) with Manitoba Women’s Institute (Woodmore) joins with Meharunisa Kinnarath (centre) and Hiba Kasem, two of more than a dozen women with the Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute who joined the Woodmore group for a halal potluck held April 22 in the village hall at Roseau River.

Common ground found over potluck

Members of the Women’s Institute in Woodmore, Man. discover how much they have in 
common with new-found friends with the Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute

It was out of sheer curiosity that Janet Kroeker picked up the phone and called the Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute in Winnipeg a few months back. The Roseau River woman had heard its president telling a CBC interview about the organization. “I said, ‘well, that’s interesting,” said Kroeker, a member of Manitoba Women’s Institute herself.

MWI to host workshops on family health

The MWI is hosting two events in October aimed to help families better communicate, 
handle conflict and improve understanding of financial issues

A family that gets along well and communicates effectively is a safe and secure place. One that’s chaotic and regularly in conflict is not. This fall the Manitoba Women’s Institute is tackling some of the thorny issues around causes of family conflict, while offering help to lessen it. Two Manitoba Rural Women’s Day events —

MWI flags lack of public bus service

The rural women’s group says better use could be made of existing Handi-vans

Expanding use of Handi-vans could bring some relief to rural Manitobans who no longer drive and now struggle to find rides to out-of-town appointments, the Manitoba Women’s Institute says. The aging population of our small towns is increasingly reliant on family or volunteers to drive them, but there are also those who don’t even have

Manitoba Women’s Institute president-elect Ann Mandziuk (l) and president Donna Young celebrate being presented a first-ever Nellie McClung award presented to their organization during the Centennial Gala marking 100 years since women in Manitoba were given the right to vote.

Women’s Institute earns a ‘Nellie’ award

The rural women’s group is one of 10 recipients of the award presented in honour of the influential Manitoba feminist

The Manitoba Women’s Institute is one of 10 recipients of the first-ever Nellie Awards presented by the Nellie McClung Foundation at its Centennial Gala late last month. The awards made in honour of one of this province’s most influential feminists were given out January 28, the centennial of women in Manitoba earning the right to

Little piglet in piggery with innocent eye

Women’s Institute calls for action to protect antibiotics from overuse

The Manitoba Women’s Institute held its annual meeting earlier this month in Winnipeg

The Manitoba Women’s Institute has added its voice to the growing concerns expressed about overuse of antibiotics in both humans and animals. At its May convention members strongly supported a resolution calling for the federal government to take action before a health crisis develops. Newdale farmer and retired nurse, Enid Clark, spoke to the matter

women in a greenhouse

Women’s Institute focuses on food literacy

Gardening, food preservation and cooking come easy to its members 
so why not share those skills with others, say Woodmore WI members

Last spring they planted an extra row of vegetables in their gardens to donate to food banks. This year, members of a local Women’s Institute are going an extra mile to teach others to grow their own. The Woodmore WI held the first of three planned gardening workshops last week, and hopes to bring participants

Farm women’s conference focuses on tech skills, info technology

The Manitoba farm women’s conference has become a deep tradition in Manitoba, with a second generation now sending their daughters. That’s because it’s stayed true to its role providing networking opportunities and resources rural and farm women need, say conference attendees. Tracy Chappell, who farms and runs a seed company with her husband at Hamiota,