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New turkey market mechanisms needed

New turkey market mechanisms needed

Surplus turkey stocks continue to cause problems for 
producers despite improvements

Manitoba turkey producers are looking to their national counterparts to help find a solution to the current overstock of storage turkeys in the country. While the stock of surplus birds was lower this January than last, several factors continue to hamper the flow of turkey through processors and into the market. Bill Uruski, chairman of

Farm Income Gets Back Seat At Growing Forward Consultations

All the correct buzzwords went up on the overhead screen. Innovation. Adaptability. Sustainability. Compe t i t i vene s s . Ma rk e t growth. Everything considered necessary for Canadian agriculture to succeed in the coming decade. But one term was noticeably absent from presentations at a government-sponsored public meeting held to discuss

Turkey Flu Costs Manitoba Producer Big Time

AManitoba turkey breeder faces losing up to a year’s income after an avian influenza virus was detected on his farm. The producer’s birds have been destroyed, his barn must be disinfected and it’ll be months before he can get back into production, said Bill Uruski, Manitoba Turkey Producers chairman. “For this producer, he has lost

Give The Poor Tom Some Air

“A lot of poultry houses haven’t kept up.” – MICHAEL CZARICK, UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA In the last 20 years, average live turkey weights have greatly increased. Today, thanks to improved genetics and management, a 42-day-old tom is 25 per cent heavier than it used to be. That means birds generate 25 per cent more heat