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MCA is hoping a whole-farm research approach will yield 
better results for farmers.

MCA calls for Whole Farm Research Program submissions

Letters of intent will allow group to select projects to begin next spring

The Manitoba Crop Alliance has launched a major research initiative by calling for project proposals under its newly formed Whole Farm Research Program. MCA is requesting letters of intent for wide-ranging cross-commodity research projects. The deadline for applications is April 15. MCA already funds separate research projects for all of its five agricultural commodities: wheat, barley, corn, flax

Manitoba farmers are seeing a changing landscape for loans.

Competition grows for cash advances for Manitoba farmers

Alberta’s FarmCash is the latest option for province's growers

Manitoba farmers have lots of options for low- and no-interest cash advances on their soon-to-be-seeded 2021 crops, including new to the Manitoba market, FarmCash, operated by the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC). FarmCash joins the Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA), Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) and Manitoba Livestock Cash Advance Inc. — stalwart administrators of the federal

Comment: MCA board challenges democratic rights of farmers

Whether you agree with them or not, these resolutions should have been tabled at the annual meeting

I am writing this because I believe that Manitoba farmers must be able to have input into our organizations outside of being elected and that our voice is crucial. What I am going to express showcases key examples of what can happen when boards decide that they know better and lawyers are used as an

Greig and Misko reprise board roles at Manitoba Crop Alliance

East Selkirk’s Doug Martin joins the ranks as board secretary

Two key board officers are returning for another term at the Manitoba Crop Alliance. Fred Greig of Reston was re-elected as chair and Robert Misko of Roblin was re-elected as co-chair. Doug Martin of East Selkirk was elected as board secretary. “I’m honoured to be re-elected as chair and look forward to another year working alongside the MCA board

MCA urged to help farmers reduce nitrous oxide emissions

MCA urged to help farmers reduce nitrous oxide emissions

Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) could help farmers cut nitrous oxide emissions, a potent greenhouse gas, in the future. MCA members passed a resolution calling on the organization to set up an “ongoing Farmer-to-Farmer Soils and Crops Management educational forum to help farmers implement best management practices aimed to reduce nitrous oxide… released from our soils.”

Manitoba’s newest grower group seeks the right blend of crop research and advocacy work.

MCA focused on research, but being pulled towards policy

While MCA doesn’t want to become an advocacy group, there are policy questions to address

Funding and directing research remains Manitoba Crop Alliance’s (MCA) focus — but there’s pressure for the fledgling commodity group to get more involved in farm policy. “Farmers have suggested that we need to be more involved in advocacy directly on their behalf,” MCA chair and Reston farmer Fred Greig told the MCA’s inaugural annual meeting

Farmer says new MCA board acted in an undemocratic fashion.

Manitoba Crop Alliance’s resolution process questioned

MCA chair Fred Greig says the new organization wants to assess its processes before making changes

[UPDATED: Feb. 24, 2021] The Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) is accused of undemocratic behaviour at its inaugural annual meeting. But its chair says the fledgling checkoff commodity organization wants to test drive its bylaws and operating procedures before changing them. The MCA was formed Aug. 1, 2020 following the merger of Manitoba Wheat and Barley

Manitoba Crop Alliance’s new board of directors

Following the Manitoba Crop Alliance’s (MCA) annual meeting Feb. 11, a new board of directors took office, the MCA said in a news release. The board is comprised of 11 directors — three from the Corn Committee, two from the Sunflower Committee, two from the Flax Committee and four from the Wheat and Barley Committee.

Manitoba Crop Alliance fills corn committee

Manitoba Crop Alliance fills corn committee

The new delegates have been voted onto the body by their farming peers

Four farmers have been elected to the Manitoba Crop Alliance’s corn committee. Dean Toews (MacGregor), Carl Bangert (Beausejour), Emile Morin (Otterburne) and Hubert Preun (St. Andrews) were the elected delegates with the highest number of votes. Following the crop committee delegate nominations in September and October five names were put forward for four positions on

Cash advances on winter wheat, fall rye ready to flow

Manitoba Crop Alliance began administering the Advance Payments Program this August

Manitoba Crop Alliance has received approval to start issuing cash advances on winter wheat and fall rye planted this year through the Advance Payments Program, the organization announced October 26. Manitoba Crop Alliance has administered Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Advance Payments Program since the amalgamated group officially formed in August. The Advance Payments Program offers