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Cattle producers are now eligible for funding to cover extra expenses related to the COVID pandemic.

Finished cattle slated for up to $2.5M in AgriRecovery

Finisher operations that took the brunt of the market hit earlier this year can apply for AgriRecovery aid until Dec. 1

Two of Manitoba’s largest producer groups say they’re perplexed why the provincial government is blaming them for their lack of participation in a recently announced AgriRecovery program. The 2020 Canada-Manitoba Finished Cattle Feed Assistance Program will spend up to $2.5 million federally funded dollars through provincial administration. That’s a departure from past AgriRecovery efforts, which

Province promises rent break on 2019 dry Crown lands

The province says a rent credit will help forage leaseholders hurt by last year’s feed shortage, while producers are less convinced

Leaseholders hardest hit by the 2019 feed crisis will catch a break on next year’s rent — but producers say that won’t erase their financial woes under the new Crown lands system. On Oct. 16, the province announced a one-time rent credit for Agricultural Crown land leaseholders in the 18 municipalities that announced a state

Livestock producers share their outrage at a last-minute, Oct. 2, 2019 meeting in St. Rose du Lac after the province released incoming changes to Agricultural Crown Lands regulations.

Crown land lease renewals to extend to family transfers

Producer groups had urged the government to add family transfers into their plan for renewing legacy forage leases for the sake of farm succession

[UPDATED: Oct. 6, 2020] Family members taking up the torch on their family’s operations which involve Crown land leases will, in fact, benefit from the right of renewal promised last year by the provincial government. The regulatory change would allow producers who held their grazing or haying lease prior to last year’s changes to renew

Livestock insurance premiums have since come down, though not to pre-COVID levels.

WLPIP premiums won’t be subsidized, says ag-minister Pedersen

Deadline for producers to buy policies extended by three weeks

The province will not subsidize price insurance premiums for beef producers ag minister Blaine Pedersen has said. Western Livestock Price Insurance (WLPIP) premiums have come down since Manitoba Beef Producers asked the province for help, Pedersen added. “Premiums change every week, and that’s something that producers need to keep on,” Pedersen told the Co-operator on

Crown grazing leases are getting more expensive over the next two years and that worries the province’s ranchers.

Rising lease rates worry ranchers

Livestock producers want to see the province’s new Crown land rental rate changed

Northern ranchers are experiencing sticker shock over new lease rates. The price of Crown grazing land is rising this year, as part of a larger plan to revamp how that land is allocated and managed. The new rental formula ties rates to the beef market. Under the new system, rates are calculated by multiplying the

Beef producers vote on this year’s batch of resolutions, many of which dealt with Agricultural Crown Lands, during the Manitoba Beef Producers annual meeting in Brandon Feb. 6-7.

Beef producers urge consideration for land improvements

Beef producers have a long list of changes they’re pushing with the province, including more room for land improvement values

Beef producers want to roll land improvement costs into what people are bidding for when Agricultural Crown Lands come up for auction. In late 2019, the province said it would no longer be in the business of buying land improvements when a lease rolls over, one of a swath of changes made to the Agricultural

Dianne Riding has been named president of the Manitoba Beef Producers, following the group’s annual meeting Feb. 6-7.

Riding takes the reins at Manitoba Beef Producers

Dianne Riding of Lake Francis is the new president of the Manitoba Beef Producers

The Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) will have someone new at the helm in 2020. Former vice-president Dianne Riding was named president of the organization following MBP’s annual general meeting in Brandon Feb. 6-7. Riding is entering her seventh year as director of MBP’s District 9, an area stretching north on the eastern edge of the

Pasture forage for beef production requires better insurance options, the Manitoba Beef Producers says.

Waiting on word for forage insurance

Manitoba Beef Producers has highlighted forage insurance issues it would like to see addressed

Producers are waiting for details of the province’s promised forage insurance review. The province announced the review last year as producers came off another disappointing grazing season and were facing the prospect of feed shortages and high feed prices. Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen says he wants to get to the bottom of

Manitoba Beef Producers president Tom Teichroeb addressed worries on Agricultural Crown Land changes, and what MBP will do about them, during a packed lease holders' meeting in Ste. Rose du Lac Oct. 2, 2019.

Year in Review: Crown lands saga continues

Crown land changes were a hot-button topic for northern ranchers in 2019, but with promised rule changes still incoming, it's not over yet

The province’s agricultural Crown lands overhaul went from a simmer to a boil in late 2019 — and northern ranchers are still roiling. Crown lands were gridlocked to start off the year. The province froze all new lease agreements or unit transfers as of fall 2018, after changes to the Crown Lands Act got royal

“There’s conflicting arguments on that one,” MBP president Tom Teichroeb said of the proposed cap resolution.

District producers back step on AUM cap

Some producers now say they want a new, albeit larger, AUM cap on Crown lands

Ranchers near Ste. Rose du Lac want the province to take another step back on Crown lands — although this change was initially heralded as a victory. Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) had welcomed the removal of a 4,800 animal unit month (AUM) cap from forage and grazing lease eligibility, one of a number of sweeping