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Dry conditions have been seen all across agro-Manitoba this spring.

Dry conditions spark provincial service quick list

A recently published list of services urges producers to consider what they can access if they’re worried about lack of moisture

The province is reminding producers of the possible tools in their toolbox when dealing with dry conditions. Although some rain is poised to fall this Victoria Day weekend, concerns over dry conditions have already loomed large during the spring and winter. As of the end of April, almost all agricultural regions in the province were

Dry, cool soils see slow start to seeding in agro-Manitoba

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for April 27

Southwest Region Scattered rain and snow over the past two weeks in the Southwest region brought some moisture to replenish the seedbed. Overall seedbed moisture conditions are optimum in much of the Southwest, but good rains are needed to replenish soil profile. Overwinter snow and runoff was below normal, with average winter temperatures 2 to

Fertilizing tips for dry soil if you didn’t apply last fall

Fertilizing tips for dry soil if you didn’t apply last fall

One option is safe amounts with the seed and topping up later if the crop looks good

Dry soils increase the risk of in-row fertilizer damaging early plant stands, but there are things farmers can do to make it safer, says John Heard, a soil fertility specialist with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development (MARD). “We like to take as much nitrogen and sulphur out of the seed row as possible in order

KAP delegates ask for extended drivers’ licensing for foreign workers

KAP delegates ask for extended drivers’ licensing for foreign workers

Sam Connery-Nichol said no workers on her farm were able to get necessary road tests in 2020

Farmers who hire seasonal agricultural workers say staff should have their foreign drivers’ licences extended for the duration of their work permit in 2021. Pandemic disruptions to testing made it difficult to get Manitoba licences in 2020, which meant workers could not drive or move equipment between fields. “It was brutal. We did not get

Responses to the announcement of office closures ranged from some thinking the changes were long overdue, while others worried about job cuts and a decline in services.

Swath of MARD, MASC offices slated for closure

Any cost savings will be eclipsed by investments in new technology, says Pedersen

Reactions were mixed as Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development announced it would close 21 of its community offices in the name of modernization. On Twitter, a farmer called it “10 years overdue” while others pointed to a decline in services the offices provided. Others worried that staff would lose their jobs and that services would

“I can tell you there are a lot of industries that would really like to see an income stabilization program. You want to be in the hospitality industry right now? You want to be in the tourism industry right now?” – Blaine Pedersen, Manitoba Agriculture minister.

Manitoba ag-minister Pedersen pans AgriStability reform

KAP and others keep pushing for revisions but Pedersen questions throwing money into what he considers to be a flawed program

Changing AgriStability to more easily trigger farm support payments isn’t the best bang for the buck, says Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Minister Blaine Pedersen, especially when so many other sectors are suffering due to COVID-19. “If AgriStability isn’t working now, throwing more money into it is not necessarily the answer to it, so what else

The BMP funding program cost shares on a range of on-farm projects between the producer and provincial government.

Beneficial management practice applications starting soon

Funding applications for the next round of on-farm beneficial management practice projects will open Nov. 4

Farms with an Environmental Farm Plan may want to check if any projects on next year’s to-do list are eligible for a financial boost from the province. The province is about to open its next round of applications for beneficial management practice (BMP) funding. The program cost shares a range of on-farm projects between the

Average crop yields and widespread insect issues seen in 2020

FINAL REPORT: Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report Summary for 2020

Southwest Region A wet fall in 2019 meant unharvested crops from the previous year had to be dealt with this spring. A large number of canola swathes were left in the field, together with severely lodged flax. Much of the remaining flax was burnt. Starting weather conditions for seeding were optimum in the Southwest region

Manitoba harvest 80 per cent complete, weather conditions favourable

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for September 29

Southwest Region Mostly cloudy and some rainy weather last week in the Southwest region. Between 5 to 15mm rain fell in different areas of the region but strong winds allowed for rapid drying. Areas in the southwest corner of the region are reporting shortages of water for livestock due to lack of a substantial rain

With canola prices on the rise, time to make a marketing plan

With canola prices on the rise, time to make a marketing plan

Start by knowing your costs and break-even prices

With canola prices the highest they’ve been in two years, and the added stress of harvest, it’s a good idea to have a marketing plan, says Darren Bond, farm enterprise management specialist with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development (MARD) in Teulon. “We have to take that step back when we are marketing our grain and