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MASC hail claims so far just slightly higher than 2019

Manitoba farmers have filed 150 hail claims so far this season with the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC). Just over 100 of those came from a June 20 storm that hit the Lowe Farm, Rosenort and Steinbach areas. That’s slightly more than the 127 hail claims MASC received as of June 28, 2019, but far

A lot of unharvested canola and wheat acres stayed behind on Manitoba fields over the winter due to poor harvest weather last fall, but what remained this spring may not be all that bad.

Most unharvested canola still has value: MASC

The quality of much of Manitoba’s overwintered wheat was worse than expected

Most of the unharvested, insured crop in Manitoba fields is still worth harvesting, according to the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC). “We feel we’ve addressed the (insured) fields that everybody agrees aren’t worth combining,” David Van Deynze, MASC’s vice-president of innovation and product support said in an interview May 21. There are anecdotal reports of farmers frustrated with MASC for

The provincial government wants to trim MASC salaries by as much as 20 per cent due to perceived technological efficiencies and in a possible response to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pallister muses about cuts to Manitoba Agricultural Services Corp.

KAP says doesn't want Manitoba farmers' most important business risk management program to be undermined

Premier Brian Pallister appears to be determined to make funding cuts to the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC), despite calls for caution from the Keystone Agricultural Producers. During his regular COVID news conference Tuesday, Pallister was asked why MASC salary cuts of up to 20 per cent are being considered. “Manitoba Ag Services has been

You don’t have to finish harvest before filing your MASC Harvest Production Report. You have until Dec. 2.

MASC harvest production reports deadline Dec. 2

Farmers who file online will find out right away if they are in a claim position

The deadline for Manitoba farmers to submit crop insurance Harvest Production Reports to the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) is Dec. 2, whether the farmer completed harvest or not. Both the paper and online report forms should be easier for farmers to fill out because less information is now required, David Van Deynze, MASC’s vice-president

MASC’s David Van Deynze says the corporation’s goal is to get crop insurance payments to farmers quickly to help with their cash flow, following harvest delays.

MASC wants payments to farmers out quickly to aid cash flow

That means some payments will be advanced before claims are settled

Getting crop insurance payments out quickly to eligible Manitoba farmers is a top priority for the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) in the wake of the most challenging harvest in years. That includes, where applicable, advancing claim payments to farmers who still have unharvested crop and crop insurance claims haven’t been finalized, David Van Deynze, MASC’s vice-president of

Which crops were hot, and what was not in 2019

MASC report details 2019 crop insured acreage and varieties’ market share

BASF’s InVigor L233 P (LT) (PSR-R) canola was planted on 44.5 per cent of Manitoba’s 3.2 million acres of insured canola this year. That data comes from the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation’s 2019 Variety Market Share Information. Its closest rival — L255 PC (LT) (PSR-R) — had 12 per cent of the acres, followed by

The young farmer rebate program is part of MASC’s Bridging Generations Initiative.

MASC increases young farmer rebate

Series of programs aimed at new entrants to farming begin today

The Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) will increase the maximum eligible for the Young Farmer Rebate program to $200,000 from $150,000, effective April 1. Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler announced the change on March 25 in Brandon. “Increasing the young farmer rebate supports our focus on young producers by reducing the cost of borrowing while they

Manitoba has the highest level of AgriInsurance participation in Canada with more than 90 per cent of annual crop acres enrolled.

Crop insurance deadline coming up

Crop dollar values are generally slightly higher, while premiums on average are down seven per cent

The deadline for making crop insurance changes for the coming season, or enrolling for the first time, is nearly here. The March 31 deadline is a Sunday this year so Manitoba farmers have until Monday, April 1, says David Van Deynze, vice-president of insurance operations at the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC), which administers the

Yield Manitoba turns 20

It was 20 years ago today, Yield Manitoba came into play. The annual publication is marking its 20th anniversary and is based on the Manitoba Management Plus Program. This year marks the data program’s 25th anniversary and Yield Manitoba 2019, included in this issue of the Manitoba Co-operator as a supplemental publication, summarizes and adds

Why is canola winning acres and not wheat?

The percentage increase in yields for both are about the same leaving some to speculate it’s more about demand than genetics or private versus public variety development

Wheat needs more research money to compete with crops like canola. That’s the message organizers delivered at the first consultation meeting on two new proposed royalty options in Winnipeg Nov. 16. “Cereals are necessary in crop rotations to prevent pest and disease pressures from emerging,” a government slide presentation said. “However, due to declining profitability