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Winter trail in RMNP.

Winter logging in Riding Mountain’s past

Timber was source for thriving industry in the ’20s and early ’30s

A drive through Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) in winter can be enjoyable. As one approaches from the east or north, the park rises island-like above the surrounding plain. You can see why early settlers termed these hills mountains, even though the elevation at the top averages only 600 to 700 metres. Approaching from the

Shiver me timbers… again

J Neufeld didn’t intend to start an environmentally sustainable business when he and Grant Dyck launched Wood Anchor in 2005 — he just loved the look and texture of reclaimed wood. He’s now a passionate advocate of both sustainability and repurposed timber, and has made unique furniture and architectural products out of everything from downed

Create A Christmas Centrepiece

I designed this centrepiece for a cowboy-theme Christmas banquet. To keep costs down, I went to our pasture for some small birch trees, and to my garden for wild bittersweet vines and grapevines. Armed with my trusty glue gun, some Christmas corsages from the dollar store and my sister for help, we made 20 table

Big Timber On Manitoba Prairie

Building a farm workshop these days is as easy as picking up the phone. But David Pogson and his brother Barry decided to take the cheaper, more labour-intensive – and they would argue – more fun route. With a homemade sawmill, an apron-winch equipped tractor and a neighbour with a stand of 80-foot hybrid poplars

Falling Number Will Not Be A Grading Factor

This year, many producers seeded late because of cold, wet weather and this may lead to a late harvest. Researchers at the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) believe that if there is a late harvest coupled with significant rain or moisture there could be an increased possibility of significant levels of sprout-damaged grain this fall. Sprout