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Trains cross frequently as the bridge is on the 
CN main line.

Plan an autumn visit to the Uno Trestle Bridge

The trestle is impressive and it has an interesting history

For an interesting spot to visit this fall, take a drive to the Uno Trestle Bridge in western Manitoba. The trestle is a very impressive sight, the scenery well worth the trip and, for history buffs, the 1915 disaster at this site is of further interest. The present-day Uno bridge is 1,533 feet long, a

Tommy the Turtle at Boissevain.

Roadside statues have a story to tell

Some represent history, geography or legends, others are just plain quirky

Are you interested in exploring Manitoba’s rural areas, and want an educational summer project for your children? Why not research and visit some of the province’s many roadside statues. Often the monuments represent something important in the history of a town, such as the giant Viking at Gimli (which has the largest population of Icelanders