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What StatsCan and Loblaw numbers are really telling us

While food prices are rising, a newly competitive food retailing landscape makes increasing margins difficult

Recent StatsCan numbers indicate that grocers are in trouble. Food inflation is now above two per cent for the first time since April 2016. This is typically good news for grocers as it gives more room for them to increase margins. But given major headwinds affecting the industry, grocers will need to get even more

Man receiving award.

Itzke River Farm Ltd. receives Loblaw award

The Manitoba operation was recognized as a premium partner with the grocery store chain

Itzke River Farm Ltd., from St. François Xavier, Man. has received Loblaw Companies Limited’s Vendor Development Partnership Award for its leadership within the produce industry for food safety, quality, corporate social responsibility and excellence in customer service. The award was presented at Loblaw’s annual assembly of local growers held in Calgary. Itzke River Farm Ltd.

If you prick the round end of an egg it will help to prevent cracking while boiling. photo: thinkstock

Producer price per dozen dips as feed costs shrink

Falling grain prices have cut feed costs and so egg farmers will get a nickel less — but none of the big grocery chains will say if the savings will be passed on

For the first time in years, the price Manitoba egg farmers receive for their products is going down. Following a year of bumper grain crops, feed costs have declined — resulting in a five-cent reduction in the producer price of eggs in Manitoba. “The cost of production is updated as input costs change, it could

Letters – for Nov. 17, 2011

We welcome readers comments on issues that have been covered in the Manitoba Co-operator.In most cases we cannot accept open letters or copies of letters which have been sent to several publications. Letters are subject to editing for length or taste. We suggest a maximum of about 300 words. Please forward letters to ManitobaCo-operator, 1666DublinAve.,Winnipeg,

Consumers Rise To Buy-Local Challenge

Barbecue season is upon us and more and more Canadians are visiting farmers’ markets or seeking out a Product of Canada label in order to support Canadian farmers. Several campaigns promoting locally grown or Canadianproduced food have sprung up. Recently, retailers like Loblaw Companies Limited, fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and major companies like Unilever

Core Buyers Are Loyal To Their Preferred Meats

Martin Gooch of the George Morris Centre has posted detailed reports on consumer surveys for chicken, lamb, veal and pork. It’s the most complete set of data available and was collected with funding from the federal Agriculture Department’s National Advancing Canadian Agricultural and Agri-Food Program. For chicken, the research found that the average Canadian household

Mexican baker buys Weston’s U. S. bread unit

Bimbo said Dec. 10 it will buy the U. S. bread-making unit of George Weston Ltd. for US$2.38 billion, one of the biggest acquisitions in the Mexican bread-maker’s history. Bimbo, one of the world’s top makers of bread, said it would finance the acquisition using a long-term credit of $1.7 billion, in two tranches, and

Grocery margins seen rising, but not for long

Supermarkets in Canada seem to have taken price hikes to “bold new levels” in the third quarter of 2008, but shouldn’t expect wider margins to last, according to the George Morris Centre. A Nov. 13 essay by Kevin Grier, senior market analyst for the Guelph-based farm think-tank, points to a seven per cent increase in