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Fines coming for not reporting pig shipments

It will no longer just be a warning for those who haven’t complied with 
regulations to report animal movements

You will soon face penalties if you ship pigs without reporting it. “There is a fine structure coming but there has not been a time confirmed yet,” said Jeff Clark, manager of PigTrace Canada, the national swine traceability program. Federal regulations to report pig movements took effect in July of 2014, requiring all shippers and

Manure management specialist Scott Dick was one of the industry partners recently recognized by the Manitoba Pork Council.

Manitoba Pork recognizes industry participants at AGM

Steve’s Livestock Transport and manure management specialist Scott Dick were singled out for 
ongoing contributions to pork sector’s success

Manitoba Pork Council (MPC) has recognized two industry partners who have contributed to the overall success of the pork business at its 2016 annual general meeting. The group presented awards to Steve’s Livestock Transport and Agra-Gold Consulting co-founder Scott Dick to recognize their ongoing commitment to the hog sector. Steve’s Livestock Transport was recognized for

Examining the impact of transportation on cattle

Examining the impact of transportation on cattle

A research study looking at the effects of transportation on cattle says to be cautious of high speeds 
on uneven roads and prolonged stationary times as this may result in increased bruising

Cattle are being moved every day but what are the true implications and how can negative impacts be minimized? “Even though transportation is only a small part of a cow’s life, it can have lasting impact on them. Transportation can affect animal welfare, production, social and even trade,” said Carolynn Kehler, project co-ordinator with the

CFIA veterinarian Max Popp speaking at the Manitoba Beef Producers annual general meeting in Brandon on Feb. 4.

Cattle producers warned to avoid transport violations

'Out of sight and out of mind' is the wrong attitude when shipping animals

Cattle producers should keep an extra-close eye on their animals’ condition before loading for transport, says a Canadian Food Inspection Agency veterinarian. “Cattle hide their pain so that they don’t look vulnerable to predators. Keep that in mind when monitoring your herd,” said Max Popp, CFIA animal health district veterinarian, western area operations. “The primary

Once animals have been loaded onto the level trailer surface, hydraulic lifts raise the animals into a locked position.

Livestock transport company testing new trailer design

Prototype will be tested for six to 12 months

One of North America’s largest commercial livestock carriers recently unveiled a new trailer that may revolutionize the future of livestock transportation. Steve’s livestock transport, which transports more than 2,500 head of cattle and 150,000 pigs throughout North America weekly, has partnered with Wilson Trailer Company of Sioux City, Iowa, to develop an all-aluminum hydraulic lift