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(Jack Dykinga photo courtesy ARS/USDA)

Data mining finds no honeybee colony risk from correct neonic use

An expedition through published and unpublished studies on neonicotinoid pesticides has led a Guelph research team to find no colony-level risk to honeybees from the seed treatments — if they’re correctly used. The University of Guelph team, led by toxicologist Keith Solomon and adjunct professor Gladys Stephenson, analyzed 64 papers from “open, peer-reviewed literature” on

Sounds of Canada Day on the Farm

A rooster crows, awakening us from the undisturbed sleep we enjoy in this peaceful country. A squirrel chatters as it hides away nuts, a reminder of this nation’s granaries and freezers and pantries full of food. A meadowlark sings, a celebration of Canada’s wildlife. A dog barks, a reminder of the much broader circle of

Think you know what the future holds? Think again, says bestselling author

Crop-guzzling equines once posed serious risk to human health in major cities before an unlikely saviour appeared

Next time someone tells you what the future holds, think manure. Literally. That’s the advice of writer Stephen Dubner, who used the tale of a century-old manure crisis to illustrate the folly of predicting what lies ahead. “Human beings are terrible at predicting the future,” the journalist and co-author of Freakonomics told attendees at the

Open For Business

Residents of the South Mountain area can now enjoy the Generations Tea Room located at 117 Main Street in Sandy Lake, Manitoba. Kerry and Carrie Campbell purchased land in the town in October of 2009, eventually building a house and moving from Brandon to take up residence there in June of this year. When Tommy’s

Can We Call This Indian Summer?

I have been debating several different weather topics I could discuss in this issue. Should we move on to the new weather school topic of atmospheric stability? How about how to measure snowfall? With the nice weather we have been having lately I just couldn’t make myself write about snow – we’ll tackle that topic

The Christmas fix

Christmases come and Christmases go And some are more memorable than others But the one I recall that tops ‘em all Is the Christmas we fixed my mother. The weather was warm and the moon was high The stars were twinkling bright Family gathered round, merriment did abound On that beautiful Christmas Eve night. So