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Will Bill 62 survive a constitutional challenge?

There are many unanswered questions about the incoming laws, legal scholar says

Manitoba’s Bill 62 may be susceptible to constitutional challenges, law professor, Jodi Lazare told Manitoba’s Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food. Lazare is an assistant professor of law at Dalhousie University with expertise in constitutional and animal law. She is doing research, funded by the social sciences and humanities council of Canada, on the constitutional

Opinion: Animal activism and farmer safety

The Crown’s recent decision to drop charges against an animal activist has fuelled frustration, fear, and action in Ontario’s farming community. The activist, who video-recorded herself breaking into a barn near Lucan and stealing two pigs, belongs to a group that opposes animal agriculture. On May 1st, the Crown attorney’s office in London dropped break-and-enter

Proposed changes would give municipalities more say over development decisions.

Province proposes changes to approval process for livestock operations

Bill 19 is ‘a balanced approach’ that will reduce red tape for municipalities, 
says Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton

A bill introduced in the Manitoba legislature March 19 will make it easier for livestock producers to rebuild or renovate existing barns. Bill 19, The Planning Amendment Act (Improving Efficiency in Planning) proposes changes to how livestock operations are approved by municipalities, and other matters related to zoning bylaws and appeals. Under the bill, owners

C-49 Transportation Modernization Act off to Senate

Bill C-49, the Grain Modernization Act, has passed third reading in the House of Commons and now goes to the Senate for debate. Farmers and grain companies hope if it becomes law the railways will be obliged to sign level-of-service contracts backed by financial penalties. Read more: Mixed reactions from farm groups to Bill C-49

Infrared inspections look to curb barn fires

Farmers now have access to infrared inspections through the Manitoba Farm Safety Program

The barn fire that killed over 3,500 pigs near New Bothwell in June has led to a new program to prevent similar blazes. The Manitoba Farm Safety Program introduced infrared barn inspections Sept. 12. Inspectors use infrared cameras to map temperature and tag hot spots that might ignite, such as faulty wiring inside walls. Electrical

Farm equipment purchases protected under provincial legislation

Farm equipment purchases protected under provincial legislation

The Farm Machinery and Equipment Act requires dealers to
 deliver on time and back what they sell

The Farm Machinery and Equipment Act is not well known among farmers, but has many valuable benefits. The act, which is administered and enforced by the Manitoba Farm Industry Board (MFIB), protects farmers when they buy or lease farm machinery or farm equipment in Manitoba, by governing purchase, delivery and repair. This act only applies

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U.S. appeals latest WTO ruling on COOL

Retaliatory tariffs are now delayed

Canada will have to wait up to three more months before it can impose retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods over Washington’s mandatory country-of-origin labelling (COOL) law on meat from imported livestock. The U.S. government filed a notice of appeal Nov. 28 against the latest ruling by a World Trade Organization (WTO) compliance panel, which last

COOL: Some are for it, some are not

More than a decade after mandatory country-of-origin labelling (COOL) was first included in the Farm Bill, the debate continues. We’ve examined a legal opinion by the legal firm Stewart and Stewart (S&S) — paid for by the National Farmers Union, the United States Cattleman’s Association, the Food and Water Watch, and Public Citizen’s Global Trade