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Ongoing flooding issues, such as this during the spring of 2011, have made an outlet channel a necessity.

Land deals proceeding despite Lake St. Martin outlet channel pause

The Lake St. Martin outlet channels have hit delays, but the province says it will be business as usual for expropriation deals

The Lake St. Martin outlet channel project may have hit hurdles, but the province says expropriation proceedings north of Lake Manitoba are going ahead as normal. The project, which promises two channels between Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin, and then on from Lake St. Martin to Lake Winnipeg, has been a longtime promise of

Manitoba farmers, particularly the hog industry, are often blamed for water quality issues on Lake Winnipeg, but the truth is the problem is complex and multi-jurisdictional.

The problem with phosphorus

Lake Winnipeg is suffering from phosphorus overload, but agriculture is just one contributor

Lake Winnipeg has a phosphorus problem. That’s not a controversial statement. But what can spark plenty of arguments is just what’s causing the problem. One of the handiest targets has long been local agriculture in general, and the province’s hog sector in particular. The hog sector and provincial government both claim the sector faces some

Editorial: Wild things roaming

A few years back, an acquaintance returned to school at mid-career and studied natural resource management. He was lucky enough to land a job with the province that first summer, checking boats at a stop on the Trans-Canada Highway at the Manitoba-Ontario border, to prevent the spread of zebra mussels. I mentioned that this sounded

The federal government says it’s putting millions into the fight to protect Lake Winnipeg.

Feds put up funds for Lake Winnipeg

Water quality and wetlands are key targets for the promised spending

The federal government will be spending $3.8 million over the next four years to fund groups working to protect Lake Winnipeg. Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna announced the funding for 23 new projects under the Lake Winnipeg Basin Program Aug. 2 in Gimli. The Lake Winnipeg Basin Program will take action to reduce

Feds fund Assiniboine River Basin Initiative with $400,000 allocation

The Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI) will set to work immediately on a series of projects and activities using new federal funding support announced earlier this month, the organization’s executive director says. Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada Catherine McKenna in Gimli earlier this month announced $3.8 million in project approvals under the ECC

One popular hike is out on the peninsula to view the lighthouses.

Hiking Hecla’s shoreline

This historical area has lots to offer and is well worth a visit

Most Manitoba parks offer a variety of hikes, often through forested areas, but for a different experience try a trip to Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park. Since 1971, Hecla has been joined to the mainland by a causeway, but technically visitors are on an island in Lake Winnipeg, so most of these walks begin and end at,

Candace Parks (centre) talks to attendees of a training session.

Aquatic invasive species training sessions held in Manitoba

Everyone needs to be aware and help protect our water bodies

Last month, fire trucks were temporarily removed from the Sandy Lake Fire Hall and replaced with a motorboat, Jet Ski, canoe, kayak and water-related equipment, such as paddles, anchors, fishing rods and bait buckets. Organized by the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve (RMBR) and Friends of Sandy Lake, with the assistance of the Municipality of Harrison

DIVIDED OVER WATER: Outlet channels spark controversy

Farmers on the south end of Lake Manitoba support the proposed channels to save their land from flooding, but the projects will slice through the farms of dozens of north-shore farmers who worry they won’t be adequately compensated

A recent $540-million funding pledge is pushing forward the Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin outlet channels and reaction from farmers depends on where they are along the shoreline. For those whose anxieties rise with the water levels every time the Assiniboine River floods, the new momentum is welcome news. Farmers along Lake Manitoba’s south

Local projects for multi-beneficial water management were cited by staff with Seine-Rat River Conservation District speaking at the 42nd annual Manitoba Conservation Districts Association convention in December.

CDs cite need for multi-benefit water control projects

Flood preparations alone won’t buy a litre of drought protection, 
say MCDA speakers

Will there be flooding? Will there be drought? Planning for both is essential to help ward off the financial hits these weather extremes bring, speakers at last month’s Manitoba Conservation Districts Association convention said. In the Seine-Rat River Conservation District (SRRCD) they’re looking at ways to be ready for whatever climate change brings, and to

Lake Winnipeg algae blooms can create, under certain conditions,
powerful neurotoxins.

Lake Winnipeg blooms create neurotoxins

Researchers say the substances have been associated with 
several health conditions

Manitoba’s largest lake is the host to potentially harmful toxins caused by cyanobacteria, more commonly known as “blue-green algae.” Researchers from the University of British Columbia, working with the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium, were looking for a specific toxin called BMAA that’s been linked with conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s to Lou Gehrig’s disease. “Cyanobacteria blooms