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The Keep It Clean campaign uses a ‘traffic’ system to quantify trade risk from crop protection products.

Keep It Clean enters its fifth year

Industry program helps avoid residue problems on exported crops

Canadian farmers are being encouraged to use an industry alert program to keep unacceptable pesticide residues on crops from spiralling into potential trade problems. The voluntary program called Keep It Clean informs producers about which products to use on cereal, oilseed and pulse crops and which ones to avoid so as not to exceed maximum

Keep it Clean! urges growers to keep bins and grain-handling equipment clean.

Keep it Clean! touts safe grain storage for cereals

High-moisture conditions, like those present on the Prairies, have high potential for formation of potent mycotoxin Ochratoxin A

Keep it Clean! is warning farmers that recent wet weather has increased potential for the formation of Ochratoxin A (OTA), a potent mycotoxin that forms in high-moisture conditions. “With the current conditions in Western Canada, it is important that growers are aware of OTA and the conditions under which it can form,” said Brenna Mahoney,

Keep it Clean wants farmers to hear the message that glyphosate and other crop protection products need to be applied only according to the label.

If farmers keep misusing glyphosate, they may lose it

The warnings from the ‘Keep it Clean’ campaign are taking on a more urgent tone

If Canadian farmers want to keep using glyphosate they must stop misusing glyphosate. That blunt message was delivered earlier this summer during a ‘Keep it Clean’ webinar to agronomists and retailers, who were urged to pass it on to their farmer-clients. “We all know the value of glyphosate, but to be very blunt about it,

A high clearance sprayer on a field in a prairie landscape

Farmers urged to ‘Keep it Clean in 2019’

Be aware of the pesticides buyers don’t want applied to certain crops

Read and always follow the label directions when applying pesticide. That’s one of the messages Brenna Mahoney, Cereals Canada’s director of communications and stakeholder relations, hopes farmers take away from the updated Keep it Clean website. By doing so Canadian farmers can help ensure international markets stay open, Mahoney said in an interview April 12.