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Buying a pumpkin could involve a pleasant drive out to a farm to select one (or more).

Celebrating the pumpkin

Whether as a fall decoration, pie ingredient or jack-o’-lantern, now is the time to use this sign of autumn

It’s pumpkin time again! Whether you think of pumpkins as primarily something to use as a decoration or as a common pie ingredient, or whether you think of them mainly to create jack-o’-lanterns to use at Halloween — it’s that time again. Classed as a fruit, the pumpkin is indigenous to the Western Hemisphere and

Jack-o’-lanterns and more

Prairie Fare: Don’t forget all the tasty foods you can create from this fall mainstay

Carving ghoulish images into pumpkins and bringing them to life with flickering candlelight is one of our favourite Halloween traditions. But carving jack-o’-lanterns for trick-or-treaters isn’t the only way to enjoy pumpkins. They make delicious, affordable and nutritious foods too. Those big pumpkins may not be as sweet as the smaller “sugar pumpkins” or “pie