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It’s a crucial window to ensure soybean harvest quality as the crop comes off and goes into the bin.

Avoid soybean loss during harvest, drying and storage

Shattered beans can badly affect the profitability of your crop

Harvest timing can have a huge impact on soybean shatter losses, according to North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer Ken Hellevang. “Field losses, splits and cracked seed coats increase as moisture content decreases,” he says. “Shatter losses have been shown to increase significantly when seed moisture falls below 11 per cent or when

The Luckiest Generation

In the past year, Canada lost its last veteran of the First World War, and as those who have lost parents who served in the Second World War know so well, fewer – now about 400 per week – are with us all the time. That raises concern for those of us brought up in

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RECIPE SWAP You don’t often sit down to a plate of scones nowadays. They’re a simple treat from simpler days when more of us baked from scratch. I made scones last week using a favourite recipe – see below – and started to wonder about the origin of the word. One theory is that the

In Flanders fields…

Like many of my generation, I’m named after someone I never knew, an uncle who lost his life along with five others in a Lancaster bomber over Belgium in 1944. A trip to Germany last year found my wife and I close to that country from which so many failed to return from two world