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Golden Rice grain compared to white rice grain in screenhouse of Golden Rice plants.

Philippines approves genetically modified rice

Critics say ‘Golden Rice’ hasn’t received adequate scrutiny on safety and nutrition

The Philippines has approved genetically modified “Golden Rice” for human consumption, but its approval may be premature, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network said in a news release Dec. 20. The country hasn’t approved the crop for cultivation, but if it does, the grain could be the first genetically modified rice grown in the world, the

Scientists Race To Avoid A Bitter Climate Change Harvest

Charlie Bragg gazes across his lush fields where fat lambs are grazing, his reservoirs filled with water, and issues a sigh of relief. Things are normal this year and that’s a bit unusual of late. His 7,000-acre farm near the Australian town of Cootamundra is testament to the plight facing farmers around the globe: increasingly

New Rice Varieties Can Temper High Prices

Rice prices are likely to remain high as demand rises, but countries can boost supply and temper prices by switching to climate change-ready varieties, the head of a rice research agency said Feb. 28. “We expect global demand in rice to be strong for the foreseeable future as the population grows,” said Robert Zeigler, director

Vietnam Aims To Boost Rice Crop For Food Security

Vietnam vowed to maintain current rice crop areas and boost yields to ensure supplies remain adequate in the face of demand pressures from a fast-growing population as well as the effects of climate change. The government’s pledge of security of food supplies touched a key agenda topic at two conferences that opened in Hanoi recently,