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Ontario extends fruit, forage insurance premium deadlines

Extension offers 'flexibility,' Agricorp says

Ontario fruit and forage growers who have production insurance premiums due this month will now have until June 30 to pay, the province said Monday. The extended premium payment deadline applies only to production insurance plans for fruit, strawberries and asparagus — and to the forage rainfall insurance plan, which uses rainfall as an indicator

Manitoba extends forage insurance survey deadline

Review's face-to-face public meetings cancelled

Manitoba’s provincial review of its relatively under-subscribed crop insurance offerings for forage growers has extended its deadline for grower comment. Manitoba Agricultural Services Corp. (MASC) last week announced it has cancelled all in-person public meetings on its forage insurance review, citing the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. But the agency has extended the deadline to take part

Manitoba to pilot insurance program against hog disease risks

Pork council study backed with federal, provincial funds

“Private sector solutions” to manage financial risks caused by disease outbreaks on hog farms are on the drawing board in a new Manitoba-led pilot project that could go nationwide. Coming out of a Thursday morning meeting with hog producers in Winnipeg, federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced $482,158 from the AgriRisk Initiatives (ARI) arm of

Grains sector backed to develop export rejection insurance

Code of practice for 'sustainable' crops also in works

The organization representing Canada’s crops sector will get public funding to develop an insurance plan against the “unpredictability” of export customers. Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, speaking Wednesday at the CropConnect conference in Winnipeg, announced over $430,000 for the Canada Grains Council to develop a pilot insurance product for grain exporters. Such an insurance plan

Storms leave close to 1,000 hail claims on Prairies

MarketsFarm — There were almost 1,000 claims for hail damage across the Prairies following a series of storms Sept. 15-20, according to the Canadian Crop Hail Association (CCHA). The CCHA said the most destructive of the storms during that week came on Sept. 17. “There is significant damage from this late–season storm. There was heavy

Despite farmers employing back burning and fire guards to keep wildfires from reaching their fences, many will still lose fences.

Farm fences can be insured against fire

Despite the long-standing idea fences aren’t insurable, some insurers will add a rider to cover fires

Every year, fires damage Tom Teichroeb’s fencelines. Sometimes miles of it. “This year it came from both directions,” he said. Teichroeb, the president of the Manitoba Beef Producers, farms near Langruth, just west of Lake Manitoba. He’s slowly phasing out his wood fence posts for steel ones, though he said fires also compromise electric fencing

Manitoba Beef Producers wants to make in-field baled hay eligible for MASC’s Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.

Beef producers seek insurance coverage update

Farmers say insurance should keep pace with the increased wildlife risk of extended grazing

Manitoba’s beef producers are calling for better insurance for extended grazing. Wildlife feed loss sparked a string of resolutions during the Manitoba Beef Producers annual general meeting, held in Brandon February 7. Producers from multiple districts argued that insurance should cover feed that is left in the field if it is part of an extended

Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler announced consultation on a protein strategy for the province and higher crop insurance coverage in 2019 at a lower cost.

Protein consultations, higher crop insurance coverage coming

News from Ag Days 2019: Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler spoke about both at Ag Days

Manitoba’s agriculture minister had some good news for farmers at Manitoba Ag Days Jan. 22. Ralph Eichler announced consultations on a strategy to make Manitoba North America’s plant and animal protein supplier of choice. He also announced higher crop insurance coverage for Manitoba farmers this year and lower premiums. “We are in a great position

The former chair of the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation is questioning how money held for crop and hail insurances purposes is being handled.

MASC trusts — protecting farmers’ money or better bookkeeping?

The Manitoba government says both, but a former MASC board chair isn’t so sure

Frieda Krpan was puzzled when the Manitoba government announced it transferred the crop insurance and crop hail insurance reserve funds totalling $265 million to two trust accounts to ensure the money couldn’t be used for anything other than crop insurance. “What brought this on? In all the years that I was there, there has never

Farmers Edge to use data to edge into insurance sector

Farmers Edge has signed a four-year agreement with global reinsurance company PartnerRe to bring precision farming technology together with ag insurance. Under the agreement announced this week, the two companies plan to work together to develop new insurance products for the agricultural market. While Canadian farmers have access to government-run, subsidized crop insurance programs, as