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Strawberry fields hit by winterkill

Fruit growers’ association would like to see crop insurance made available to its 
sector to help stabilize incomes against these kinds of losses

Some strawberry growers will have fewer berries on offer this season, due to an unusually cold winter killing off many of their plants. These growers are reporting losses of anywhere from 20 per cent to about half their crop gone. Their fields couldn’t withstand the intense periods of cold we experienced this past winter, said

Concept of making money agriculture

KAP calls for CGC surplus to fund producer insurance

With the idea of returning the Canadian Grain Commission’s surplus to producers off the table, KAP members eye possibility of insurance program

After much debate, Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) will investigate the possibility of using the Canadian Grain Commission’s $100-million surplus to establish an insurance program for producers. Members passed a resolution at the organization’s annual general meeting in Winnipeg last week, asking KAP to meet with the commission and examine the possibility of replacing the current

Manitoba joins the livestock price insurance club

New livestock price insurance program will run as a pilot program for four years, 
then be assessed for effectiveness

In a move that surprised no one, the provincial government formally announced Manitoba will take part in the newly created Western Livestock Price Insurance Program last week. The province’s intention to create a livestock insurance program for hog and beef producers was outlined in last November’s speech from the throne, and representatives from Manitoba Agriculture,

The future of the 850 cattle at the Brandon Research Centre is uncertain.  
Photo: Laura Rance

Price insurance for livestock on its way

There’s been no official announcement, but commodity groups say price insurance for livestock producers will soon be a reality

Price volatility could soon be a thing of the past for Manitoba’s beef producers, if a proposed livestock price insurance program comes to fruition. The insurance plan could be announced within weeks, said Cam Dahl, general manager of the Manitoba Beef Producers. “I’m very hopeful that there will be an announcement made very soon,” said

Some farm leaders want the new plant to include feed mills

A new program to protect farmers when licensed grain companies fail to pay them could be implemented Aug. 1, says Elwin Hermanson, chief commissioner of the Canadian Grain Commission. “I’m not betting my life we’ll be ready by Aug. 1 but that’s still our goal and it’s still possible,” he said during an interview April

Grain commission considering expanding security program to feed mills

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is considering whether it can expand its proposed new insurance-based payment security program to non-licensed buyers such as feed mills. “We at the commission have had some discussions about it and we’re looking at it,” CGC commissioner Murdoch MacKay told reporters after speaking at the Keystone Agricultural Producers’ (KAP) annual

Puratone deal leaves farmers hanging

Manitoba farmers owed at least $1 million for feed grains delivered to financially troubled Puratone Corp. are left holding an empty bag with its pending sale to Maple Leaf. Earlier this month Maple Leaf Foods, which operates a hog-slaughtering plant in Brandon, announced it was buying Puratone for $42 million. Puratone’s liabilities total nearly $100

Grain payment security options back in play

With Ottawa planning to switch from bonding to insurance it’s time to dust off the Scott Wolfe Management report

The federal government’s plans to revamp the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) include replacing the current bonding system with an insurance scheme to protect farmers when grain companies default on payments. CGC spokesman Remi Gosselin says an insurance program will be cheaper for the grain industry and provide better protection for farmers. More than three years

Few details on new ag policy framework flow for ag minister meeting

Canada’s ag minister hopes to put the finishing 
touches on the next ag policy framework in September

Federal and provincial agriculture ministers met last week in Gatineau, Quebec to discuss a new agricultural policy framework, but didn’t provide much insight into what it would look like when it takes effect next April 1. Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz told reporters that the ministers agreed the new framework will focus on investments in

CGC back on drawing board

The Canadian Grain Commission is on the federal government’s radar — again. Last month the commission announced its latest proposals for “modernizing” itself, and the Canada Grain Act it administers. The public has until March 23 to respond. The commission, established in 1912, is Canada’s grain industry watchdog, ensuring the quality of grain exports, arbitrating