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Swine flu strain makes first jump to person in Canada

Alberta reports 'one isolated case' in central region

Further risk to people is believed to be low after a person in central Alberta was confirmed to have caught a variant of H1N2 swine flu, in the first case of its kind in Canada. The virus was spotted in mid-October after a patient sought medical care with “influenza-like symptoms,” provincial chief medical officer Dr.

Some research indicates that warm, steaming broth may help clear congestion, and the protein and veggies in chicken soup may help your body repair itself.

Diet can give your immune system the advantage

You have several ways to help your immune system resist colds and flu this season

Recently, I was on six flights during the course of five days, with about 250 people per flight. Every flight had several people who were sneezing or coughing. So, I was exposed to at least 1,500 people all nestled in a pressurized tube, breathing the same recycled air. Now I wait to see if my

Poultry biosecurity crucial in fall

Minor illnesses in wild populations can quickly become pandemics

It turns out birds have a flu season too. After years of studying the role of wild birds in outbreaks of avian influenza in domestic poultry flocks, one of Canada’s top public sector veterinarians says the bottom line is farmers need to take precaution in the fall. John Pasick is the national veterinary science authority

How to fight the flu

Prairie Fare: Personalized Homemade Vegetable Soup (Slow Cooker Or Stovetop)

Lately, people have been sniffling and coughing around me. I practically run down the hallway to escape the germs. I thought about barricading my office door or wearing a surgical mask. I’m really not a “germophobe.” I had the flu a couple of years ago and was bedridden for four days after not using any

Avian influenza in U.S. poultry puts the squeeze on Canadian egg imports

Shipments are costing more and taking longer to get here

A major avian influenza outbreak in the United States is forcing Canada’s layer industry to scramble for imported eggs and pay through the nose for them. As the AI outbreak continues south of the border, Canadian importers must look further afield for processing eggs, increasing delivery times and transportation costs. Manitoba sources most of its

Editorial: It’s time to rethink poultry production

The bird flu epidemic has wiped out 12 per cent of U.S. egg-laying capacity in a matter of weeks

The numbers surrounding the bird flu epidemic change each day. But they are staggering. Early this week, the USDA was reporting 197 confirmed outbreaks among poultry flocks with losses of 44.6 million fowl, many of them egg-laying hens. The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) predicts the number of birds affected will climb to 50