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Feds’ pathway to permanent residency program under fire

Advocacy groups say the programs have too many arbitrary barriers for farm workers

Migrant farm workers will be able to apply for permanent residency through a new federal program, but critics say the Liberal’s plan is flawed. Essential temporary foreign workers and international grads from Canadian schools will be able to apply for one of the 90,000 new permanent residencies. There are 30,000 spots dedicated to temporary workers

New pilot program for labour welcomed

Some well-established TFWs with solid foundation in Canada will qualify

Federal officials hope a new pilot program will help stabilize ongoing labour issues in certain sectors of the agri-food value chain, while also providing citizenship to some foreign workers. But critics contend more support is needed. “This pilot will help to ensure that farmers and processors have the much-needed skills, experience and labour so we can grow our economy and improve our living

A foreign laborer tends to plants in a greenhouse.

Travel restrictions complicate temporary foreign labor

COVID-19: Organizations scrambled to work out if—and how—much-needed seasonal laborers would get into Canada and onto their farms

Travel restrictions and mixed messaging had some Manitoban producers “freaking out” after it seemed temporary foreign workers might not be let into the country. On March 16, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that foreign nationals from all countries except the U.S. would be temporarily barred from entering Canada in response to the evolving threat of

In the face of lower birth rates among Canadians, the country’s growing population is the result of increased immigration.

Global population to decline after peaking by 2050

Writer John Ibbitson says population predictions have been overblown

To Canadian journalist and author John Ibbitson, global population growth has been slowing for some time, and it likely won’t hit the 11 billion people by 2050 as envisioned by the United Nations. Ibbitson explained his take on the world’s population at the 37th annual Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) general meeting in Winnipeg on Feb. 5. As the author of Empty Planet, which

Farm human resources crunch to worsen

Grain, beef and horticulture production will be the hardest hit

There are no signs that Canadian agriculture’s labour crunch will be easing any time soon. In fact a recent labour market forecast from the Canadian Agriculture Human Resources Council (CAHRC) suggests the situation is set to worsen sharply over the next 10 years. That will limit future growth and delay expansion plans, the group says.

File photo of a small greenhouse operation in Quebec. Greenhouse crop producers will be among the specific beneficiaries of a new federal pilot program for temporary foreign workers. (ManonAllard/E+/Getty Images)

Agriculture foreign workers get new path to residency

Updated, July 15 — The federal government has announced a pilot program that will make it easier for farms and food companies to maintain workers they recruit from around the world. Ahmed Hussen, minister for immigration, refugees and citizenship, announced the program Friday at Maple Leaf Foods in Mississauga. Why it matters: There’s a labour

Comment: Knives, forks, and farmers favour U.S. immigration reform

When U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) workers returned to their jobs Jan. 28 after the recent, 35-day government shutdown, an estimated five million pieces of unopened mail awaited. Equally daunting, the shutdown coincided with the IRS’s hiring of its annual army of temporary workers to process the impending tax season’s mail. The delay now leaves

The Canadian agriculture sector needs a few more hands to share the workload.

Helping hands: pilot immigration program targets rural Canada

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program matches immigrants to jobs and could help agricultural recruiters fill vacancies

It’s no secret — finding employees to work on the farm isn’t getting any easier. Rural populations are dwindling, fewer have skills or aptitudes for farm work, or even any interest in finding out about jobs in agriculture. But a new initiative announced in late January could potentially send experienced farm managers, equipment operators, meat

The five-year Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot aims to attract more skilled immigrants to rural areas in Canada.

New program aims to attract skilled immigrants to rural Canada

Participating communities will gain access to a range of supports to help newcomers settle there

A new program announced by the federal government last week aims to tackle the problem of so few skilled immigrants choosing to work and live outside Canada’s large urban centres. The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced the new five-year pilot program January 24, saying it will be aimed at

Canada puts out call for British agricultural families

Canada puts out call for British agricultural families

Our History: January 1928

The Scoop Shovel, which later became the Manitoba Co-operator, carried this ad from the Department of Immigration and Colonization in the January 1928 issue. It said that Canada wanted more British agricultural families, farm workers and house workers, and invited nominees who could have passage paid at different rates to different locations in Canada. A