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Enez Naso (l) and Koulan Fendi were among the group practising farm skills from their native Iraq.

Sharing more than a plot of land

A Manitoba project yields some food for recent immigrants, but also helps them connect with their roots and their new community

Canadian farmers have a reputation for being willing to lend a hand to those in need, whether it’s a neighbouring farmer or someone halfway around the world. One Manitoba farm family recently provided ample evidence of that willingness by allowing some recent immigrants to practise their potato-growing skills from their homeland. Brothers Ross and Roy

Are small towns doing enough to make immigrants feel welcome?

Study shows programs and services can’t be ‘one size fits all’

UBC researchers have determined that efforts to make immigrants feel welcome in small, rural towns often miss the mark — despite the good intentions. Assistant Prof. Susana Caxaj, along with Navjot Gill, recently published research examining the well-being of rural immigrants and whether they feel connected to their communities. Caxaj says a sense of belonging,

A group of Filipinos who arrived to work at the Springhill Farms hog-processing plant in Neepawa last January. Immigrants now make up almost a quarter of Neepawa’s population.

Prairie towns lack settlement services for immigrants

Rural Development Institute study surveyed 29 towns across Prairies and B.C.

Rural towns exist because of immigration, but they aren’t easy places for immigrants to move into nowadays. Lack of employment or foreign credentials going unrecognized are only part of the problem, according to a new report released by the Brandon-based Rural Development Insti­tute. Newcomers go wherever language training, affordable housing, child care, public transportation, and