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“Growing season rainfall varies a lot depending on where you are in the province and the crops that you’re growing,” says Provincial meteorology specialist, Timi Ojo.

The importance of sticking to your crop’s water budget

Keep this crucial concept in mind when choosing crops to grow

A ‘perfect’ growing season would have just enough heat and moisture at the right times to make a bumper crop. The problem of course is that it rarely happens. With moisture being so critical to both short- and long-season crops, if producers had a better idea of their crop water budget going into a new

Rains early this week are too late to change the outlook for this year’s crop, but farmers will be looking for more to 
help pastures, dugouts and soil moisture levels recover 
for next year.

Tiptoeing around the dreaded ‘D’ word

The word ‘drought’ is being tossed around in Manitoba’s agriculture industry, but the province isn’t ready to go there just yet

Most of Manitoba is dry for the second year running, but is it a drought? The term fits, according to AAFC. The agency’s national drought monitor says most of eastern Manitoba and the Interlake is in moderate or severe drought, along with land stretching through southern Manitoba from the Ontario border and well into Westman.

Tile drainage template will aid municipalities

Tile drainage template will aid municipalities

The goal is to help municipalities better understand the issues for better outcomes

Municipalities in Manitoba now have a document they can use for guidance when integrating tile drainage into drainage bylaws. This is a newly released tile drainage bylaw template, a project led by the Red River Basin Commission and various partners to help local governments better understand this subsurface drainage system used by more and more

Allan Preston is the chair of the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI).

Good water management, like good fences, makes good neighbours

ARBI was formed in 2014 to bring diverse stakeholders together for better watershed management planning across the Assiniboine Basin

Water is a critical resource, yet all too often viewed as a nuisance or an impediment to production — and a problem to pass off to the neighbours. “There can be lots of fights about water,” said Ag Days speaker Allan Preston, chair of the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI) who began his Jan. 17

Editorial: Preparing for an uncertain future

It’s a hot, dry summer on the Prairies, so much so that farmers farther west have started to harvest their cereal crops for livestock feed. A heat wave nicknamed “Lucifer” is scorching much of Europe this summer and climate change experts are suggesting these are a greater threat to human life in the short term

Aquanty tour attendees make a stop at one of several water control structures in the Assiniboine-Birdstail Watershed June 21. The watershed was the focus of some of the first scenarios run through the MFGA Aquanty hydrological model.

MFGA Aquanty project begins to bear fruit

The full Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association Aquanty project won’t be launched until next spring, 
but test scenarios are beginning to flow through the hydrological model

Data is beginning to flow from the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) Aquanty project, although results are preliminary. The hydrological model, to be launched in March 2018, will mimic the interaction between water and land in the Assiniboine River Basin. “As we learn more about the MFGA Aquanty model, it becomes more and more

flooded field drainage - FIW

Pull the plug or turn off the tap?

A holistic approach to drainage and flooding issues will help us do both

The bathtub is almost full. It will begin to overflow momentarily, unless I do something right away. Do I pull the plug or turn off the tap? And maybe, just maybe, I could do a little of both to solve my impending dilemma. After sitting in on a series of meetings in the southwest corner

One more webinar remains in the four-part series, sponsored by the Red River Basin Commission.

Four-part webinar series takes tile drainage education into the digital age

A recent educational effort by Agriculture Manitoba and the Red River Basin Commission means farmers are staying home to take in information on tile drainage

Manitoba Agriculture and the Red River Basin Commission have taken to the web on tile drainage. A series of four webinars is running until March 18, with topics spanning the on-farm benefits, downstream implications, environmental concerns and government considerations of tile drainage. “It’s established in other places, such as south of the border, but here

Province warns of flood risk

The Manitoba government says high snowfall and wet soils are causing enough concern to warrant an early flood report

Manitoba could see anything ranging from moderate to severe overland flood risk this spring, according to a provincial “conditions report” issued Jan. 30. Infrastructure Minister Blaine Pedersen said the report, issued earlier than usual and in addition to the expected late-winter forecast, is necessary because a combination of conditions has led to elevated risk. “We

Heavy snowfall and wet fall conditions are causing flood concerns.

Farmers watch nervously as moisture piles up

Government readiness for spring flood questioned as new federal and provincial administrations lack flood-fighting experience

The possible threat of major flooding in Manitoba this spring has Keystone Agricultural Producers worried rookie governments in Winnipeg and Ottawa may not be prepared for it. The combination of fiscal restraint and flood damage could produce a big problem if initial signs of widespread spring flooding turn out to be true, said Dan Mazier,