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Editorial: Changing times, changing tastes

It’s not unusual for grownup kids to call ahead before coming home to give the resident cook time to prepare their special requests, usually for the likes of apple pie that fill the house with delicious aromas and the heart with warmth. But this time, the request was unusual. “If you’re bored this weekend, could

Western Canadian locations like this Earls on Main Street in downtown Winnipeg, are already serving Canadian beef again through an Ontario-based supplier.

Earls mends fences after beef controversy

Restaurant chain will have all-Canadian beef this summer, after its U.S.-sourcing misstep

Phil Gallagher began his talk with an apology. Then he kept apologizing all the way through. “I’m a proud Canadian, just like all of you, and I learned a really hard lesson last year,” he said in concluding his address to the recent Manitoba Beef Producers annual meeting. “I hope to never make the same

Humane beef move pushes Canadian beef off Earls menu

Beef groups say the move ignores the fact that the industry-wide 
standards in Canada are already equivalent

A move by the Earls restaurant chain to source “Certified Humane” beef from a Kansas supplier has kicked off a furor across the country. The move amounts to nothing but a marketing strategy and ignores that industry-led standards in Canada are equivalent or better, according to Brian Lemon, Manitoba Beef Producers’ recently appointed general manager.

Tim Hortons expects stall-free pork by 2022

Having reviewed its pork suppliers’ plans to phase out the use of gestation stalls for breeding sows, Canada’s iconic Tim Hortons chain now expects to have moved to stall-free pork by the year 2022. In the Oakville, Ont. company’s annual Sustainability and Responsibility report, released April 3, Tim Hortons said it has “consulted with our

Activists turn investors in a bid to change farm practices

The Humane Society said it plans to introduce shareholder proposals next year promoting alternatives to sow stalls

The Humane Society of the United States has bought shares in four major financial services companies in a bid to use shareholder pressure to force two of the nation’s largest pork producers to stop housing pregnant sows in gestation stalls. The animal rights group said Aug. 31 that its investment — a relatively small $3,000

Stall-free pork coming to McDonald’s menu

Amove by fast-food giant McDonald’s to have its U.S. pork suppliers phase out sow gestation stalls has drawn praise from animal rights groups, but questions remain about the impact it will have on Canadian producers. “This is huge. That a major corporation has made this move is really very significant,” said Winnipeg Humane Society CEO

U.S. Egg Producers Agree To Phase In Large Cages

U.S. egg farmers would give hens twice as much space as they now have under an agreement with an animal welfare group on July 7 that would be written into federal law and end years of state-by-state battles. It would be the first federal law on treatment of animals on the farm, said the groups.