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Mexican false heather (Cuphea hissopifolia) is covered with flowers.

Cuphea has been hybridized to be used outdoors

Once grown only as houseplants there are now more vigorous varieties that do well outside

As plant hybridizers are creating new varieties, more and more plants that were once grown solely as houseplants are making their way outdoors. One such plant family is the Cuphea genus. There are over 100 varieties of Cuphea, including a couple of species varieties that are useful outdoors as well as some hybrid varieties perfectly

The cyclamen
 has both attractive
 bloom and foliage.

Cyclamen makes a great gift at springtime

Vibrant-coloured blooms and attractive foliage make for the perfect potted plant

One of the prettiest gift plants is the cyclamen. Its vibrantly coloured flowers and exquisitely patterned heart-shaped leaves make it an attractive potted plant to give to a relative or friend. Florist cyclamen are hybrids developed exclusively for use as pot plants; they are not meant to be used in the outdoor garden. If you

Fishhooks Plant is an attractive trailing succulent.

Getting to know the Senecio plant family

It’s a large one with approximately 100 succulent types in the genus

Sometimes I come across an unfamiliar plant and become so intrigued by it that I go home and research it. This happened last fall when I saw a display of Fishhooks Plant in a local garden centre. Fishhooks Plant is its common name; its botanical name is Senecio radicans. It belongs to a huge plant

These small offshoots of G. maculata have been detached from the parent plant and planted into a container for future use.

Looking for a low-maintenance indoor plant?

Succulents have the ability to hold large amounts of water in their tissues

Several of my gardening friends are very knowledgeable about plant classification and their Latin names and can identify the family name. This doesn’t interest me much but I do use this information quite frequently such as when researching a plant such as a succulent. Succulent is a term applied to plants which have the ability

The amount of silver on the leaves will depend on how much light
the plant gets.

‘Silver Queen’ is often called Chinese evergreen

Foliage of rich-green leaves with silver patches is main attraction of this easy-care plant

Last month I wrote about houseplants with metal in their name, such as copper, iron, or aluminum. Here’s one with silver in its name — Aglaonema “Silver Queen.” Aglaonema plants are often referred to as Chinese evergreens since they originated in Asia. There are dozens of cultivars but my favourite is “Silver Queen” which has

Plants compete for space in front of a sunny window.

Don’t forget to check those plants that were brought indoors

Now’s a good time to examine each one and make sure there are no problems developing

It has been a couple of months since we brought all those plants indoors for the winter. We took slips and cuttings, dug up and repotted some, and simply moved some potted plants inside without doing anything to them. We were also (hopefully) diligent about avoiding bringing unwanted visitors indoors with the plants. We cleaned

Red rose

The perfect Mother’s Day gift?

If your mom gardens, a potted tea rose would be ideal

If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift related to plants and flowers, you are faced with a myriad of choices. Will it be fresh flowers — roses perhaps? Maybe a gift certificate to Mom’s favourite garden centre? What about that fountain she has admired at every visit to the garden centre? Of course,

Dieffenbacchia plant.

Dependable dieffenbachia

This plant is easy to grow and adaptable to many conditions

I am always intrigued by the common names of plants because they often tell much about a plant’s history or characteristics. Sometimes these names are based on old beliefs or superstitions and often better describe the plant than a proper botanical name can. Most people do not know any Latin and so common names, although

Interesting and unique gasteria

Gasteria plants are succulents — a term applied to plants that have the ability to hold large amounts of water in their tissues. They belong to a number of different plant families and within each plant family are a number of genera and within each genus are many species. The genus gasteria belongs to the

Winter gardening project

You will need a container — a rectangular one works best if you are planning to locate the dish garden on a windowsill. In fact, it is a good idea to decide where you want to display the garden — choose a location that gets some direct sun — and then choose an appropriate container.