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The art of longeing horses

Horse Health: There is more to this form of training than going in circles

At its most basic level, longeing (pronounced lunging) is a seemingly simple exercise. It asks a horse to move in circles around a handler. However, execution of this exercise can be either very beneficial or very detrimental to the horse, depending on “how” it is done. How a horse carries its body as it travels

Prevention and care of girth itch in horses

Horses being ridden or driven will occasionally develop a peculiar skin lesion immediately in the area behind their elbow, in the axilla or “armpit.” This skin lesion appears “rash-like” and is typically associated with the girth/cinch so the colloquial term “girth itch” is often used to describe it. The appearance of girth itch is variable.

The Jacksons – for Jul. 22, 2010

Jennifer Jackson threw her left foot into the stirrup and hoisted herself easily into the saddle. A gentle flick of the reins urged Diamond, the tall sorrel mare Jennifer had owned since her 15th birthday, to step forward into an easy walk. Jennifer let the mare choose her own pace as they set out but

Livestock Horses For Sale

6 YR OLD REGISTERED Paint gelding broke to ride & Registed 4 yr old Black Quarter horse mare broke to ride, several 2 & 3 yr old young horses that need to be broke to ride, some will make very good barrel racers. Don Ferguson (306)435-3634, Moosomin. ALL ABOUT LEATHER LTD., Peter Schueler. Harness Leather:

Let’s Go Ridin’ – for Apr. 16, 2009

For many, riding season is just around the corner, hopefully. And for us equine enthusiasts, that means it’s time to saddle up and get riding. Perhaps you have been doing a little contemplating and dreaming over the cold winter months about constructing a riding arena, indoors or outside. Here are a few pointers which may

Harness Maker Never Been Busier

“Right now I’m paying more for the hide on the cow than they’re getting for the whole cow.” – BILL MADSEN, HARNESS MAKER Harness making is a passion for 86-year-old Bill Madsen of Decker, Manitoba. Even though this quiet, modest man lives and keeps to himself, his business is a hub of activity for many