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Hoof care isn’t all about the hoof

Horse Health: A horse’s lifestyle and diet can make a major difference in hoof health

The hoof responds to everything it experiences in its environment as well as everything going on within the body. Inseparably tied to the body, a sound foot depends on more than a correct trim. This in no way dismisses or diminishes the importance of a proper hoof trim, rather places the trim in its rightful

The Obesity Epidemic Affects More Than Humans

Weight is an important factor that plays into the health of your horse. Nutritional management and meaningful exercise are key to maintaining your horse at ideal body condition. It is important to distinguish between fit and fat, because weight gain can be confused with muscle conditioning and roundness. To further complicate matters a degree of

Horse Owners Advised To Watch For Herpes Virus

Horse Health Acurrent rise in the incidence of Neurotropic equine herpesvirus-1 (nEHV-1) following a cutting event at the beginning of May in Ogden, Utah has sparked the interest and concern of the horse industry and has raised several questions. Equine herpesvirus-1 is a common virus in horses and many horses are exposed to EHV-1 at

Care And Nutrition Of The Easy-Keeping Horse

carol shwetz dvm Horses are designed to digest high-fibre forages that are low in sugar. An “easy-keeping horse” is one that can live on apparently little food. Easy keepers tend to be found most often in breeds originally developed to survive under harsh conditions. Most pony breeds are easy keepers, and hardy horse breeds such

Let’s Go Ridin’ – for Jun. 11, 2009

Anyone who is a horse owner will probably agree that somewhere along the way, your horse will encounter a situation where he requires his leg or legs bandaged. Having some knowledge of the techniques for proper bandaging will hopefully be of use to you. Bandaging your horse’s legs can serve a variety of functions, such

Horse Health

carol shwetz dvm It is the responsibility of the person travelling with horses to ensure proper documentation is provided to border officials. Horses from Canada travel across the border into the Uni ted States for purposes surprisingly similar to people. They have jobs, exhibitions, competitions, and new homes on the other side. Both people and