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A Port in the Storm was created to be a place to call home, when you’re far from yours while receiving treatment for critical illness, says its executive director Stacey Grocholski. All suites in downtown Winnipeg are fully equipped and include a kitchen and private bathroom so those arriving for stays need bring only clothing and groceries.

A Port in the Storm

The adult medical hospice is a little-known health service available to rural Manitobans

Those who live in Winnipeg and receiving ongoing treatment for critical illnesses at large city hospitals are just a short drive to and from the care they need. Not so for rural and northern Manitobans who can live many hours — one way — away. In the early 2000s a Brandon-area single mother found herself

Mary-Lou and John Hughes were always careful to avoid mosquito bites, but say it never 
crossed their minds how serious an illness from West Nile virus could get.

Roland reeve recovering from severe West Nile virus

John Hughes spent 13 months in hospital after developing the most serious form of West Nile virus in September 2016

A Roland man who spent 13 months in hospital following a West Nile virus (WNV) infection hopes some normalcy returns to his life this year. “This year my goal is to be able to get up and onto my tractor, and mow my yard and walk around the house,” said John Hughes, husband and father