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Try a textured wall surface

Around the House: Lots of different products available to create an interesting look

Textured wall surfaces are a current popular trend. Walls adorned with brick, barn board or other textural products bring a sense of warmth and interest to any room. As you can see in the photo, the worn wooden wall treatment behind the bed provides lovely detail. Textured wall treatments can bring a feeling of history,

Create A Peaceful Getaway

The bedroom in the photo has it all. It s inviting, calm and restful but also has tons of character. Paint in hues of grey, beige and off-white neutrals balance the rich colours of the bedding and window treatments. The muted wall colour provides the perfect backdrop to the dark antique, stylized furniture, providing just

Time For A Change?

Will winter ever end? I feel like I’ve been trapped indoors a long time, and the more time I spend within my four walls, the more I want to make changes to them. You know the feeling, time to bring in some rich tones and textures to replace a dated, tired look. But unlike my

How To Decorate Odd Rooms

There is nothing commonplace about the room in our feature photograph. There is no archi tectural symmetry or balance. This might pose a problem to some but is a creative challenge to others. Personally, I like a room that has odd angles and an asymmetrical look. This room in particular has several unique features that

Look For Decorating Ideas In Garden Centres

CONNIE OLIVER Around the House I’m always on the lookout for unusual décor ideas and garden centres are just one place where a decorating solution may be found. URNS AND BIRD BATHS Decorative urns that are meant to hold an outdoor plant can be used to create unique occasional tables. The concrete or plaster finish