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Incubating capacity is 250,000 eggs, hatching 70,000 chicks per week at Berg’s Hatchery.

A great place to pick up chicks

Berg’s Hatchery serving Russell area for over 65 years

Looking for a great place to pick up chicks? Berg’s Hatchery of Russell can help you with that. The family business, currently owned by Kevin and Connie Berg, has been turning eggs into fluffy chicks for over 65 years. “Hatching chicken eggs is an extremely rewarding experience, which requires good planning, dedication, flexibility and observation

A man works at a machine that prepares chicken eggs for hatching at the Huayu hatchery in Handan, Hebei province, China, June 25, 2018.

A billion eggs a day

How China will transform its poultry sector in the coming years

Behind a row of sealed red incubator doors in a new facility in northern China, about 400,000 chicks are hatched every day, part of the rapidly modernizing supply chain in China’s US$37-billion egg industry, the world’s biggest. As China overhauls production of everything from pork to milk and vegetables, farmers raising hens for eggs are

chick and eggs

Determining the sex of a chick while in the egg could make a Canadian technology a global hit

Incubating only female eggs would virtually double the 
efficiency of hatcheries and eliminate animal welfare issues

A new system to sex eggs before they hatch funded by the Ontario Poultry Industry Council (OPIC) could change the way egg hatcheries operate around the world. The machine is being commercialized by an unnamed Brockville, Ont. company and is set to enter the final testing phase later this year, said Harry Pelissero, general manager

Genetic tweaking caused a fertility problem in Ross roosters, which sire 25 per cent of the commercial broiler flock in theU.S.and virtually all of Canada’s.

Infertile roosters increase shortage in U.S. chicken supplies

Canadian hatcheries depend on U.S. imports but have been unaffected to date

A genetic problem in a key breed of U.S. rooster could affect Canada’s broiler chicken industry, which imports nearly all its parent breeding stock from south of the border. The U.S. is already experiencing a shortage of breeder birds and the genetic issue could make supplies even tighter, American officials say. If that happens, it