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“Silo” is a 2019 movie depicting a grain entrapment accident in a small, American farming community.

Silver screen grain entrapment mirrors real-life peril for Winkler farmer

Canola growers’ associations used virtual screenings of movie ‘Silo’ to discuss dangers of work inside grain bins

As Randy Froese sat buried beneath two or three feet of mouldy pinto beans at the bottom of a hopper bin, his phone began to ring. It was probably his wife, he thought, calling to ask when he’d be home for supper. “As I sat there, I couldn’t move,” he said. “I thought, I am

Rob Gobeil of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association demonstrates the risk of grain entrapment.

Unpacking the dangers around bin entrapment

Forays to the inside of a grain bin can quickly turn tragic

In 2015, seven people died in grain bin entrapment accidents. That was a spike over an average year, accounting for a significant number of the deaths reported in the decade before. According to the Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting program, 30 people died from grain or silage asphyxiation between 2006 and 2015. It had always been

Firefighters demonstrate the use of a “Res-Q-Tube” during grain entrapment rescue training put on by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association.

CASA expands grain rescue training to Manitoba

The BeGrainSafe program began after seven fatal grain entrapments on the Prairies in 2015

A program to train firefighters to rescue people trapped or engulfed in grain is expanding into Manitoba. The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is expanding its BeGrainSafe program, which includes a two-day program for firefighters, according to a May 29 news release. The training will now be available in Manitoba and Quebec. The course includes an

Turn on the the six-inch auger under this bin and this mannequin will be chest deep in grain in just eight or nine seconds, says Glen Blahey.

Trapped in a flash — the horror waiting inside a grain bin

It happens with lightning speed and once you’re trapped, all you can do is pray that someone comes soon

If you’ve ever had a near miss in a grain bin — and lots of you have — this is the horrible fate you nearly suffered. It starts when your foot sinks past the ankle and the grain reaches your lower calf. Eight or nine seconds later, the grain is up to your chest. And

VIDEO: Grain entrapment unit demonstrated at Ag Days

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association soon to have BEGRAINSAFE unit to call its own

Glen Blahey of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) talks about the BEGRAINSAFE unit that was on display and demonstrated to attendees at Ag Days. While the unit on this video is on loan from the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety in Iowa, CASA is building its own grain entrapment demo unit that it

Winkler fire chief Richard Paetzold (left), Glenboro deputy fire chief Garth McIntyrewere in Westman Place Arena Tuesday demonstrating how a rescue would occur in the even of a grain entrapment. Glen Blahey, (right) is CASA’s Agricultural Health and Safety Specialist who is at the display to speak to farmers about best practices procedures for grain handling and storage.

New safe handling program announced at Ag Days

CASA launches BEGRAINSAFE program

A new exhibit for the BEGRAINSAFE program launched by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is on display at Ag Days this week. The interactive trade show display and a mobile entrapment trailer demonstration unit in the Westman Place Arena aim to help educate farmers about the risks associated with handling grain. The risks are rising,

 It can take just seconds to be trapped in grain.

Farm safety to be a highlight of Ag Days

Farming is a hazardous business and Ag Days aims 
to help build a culture of safety

Canada’s agricultural industry is one of the top three most hazardous industries in which to work. According to the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), while 85 per cent of Canadian producers believe safety is a priority on their farm, less than 10 per cent currently have an agricultural safety plan on their farm or ranch.

This isn’t an exact replica but an example of the kinds of mobile units already in use in the U.S. offering farmers farm safety education on the dangers of grain entrapment.

Grower groups kick in cash for grain safety

Funds will help launch a mobile unit for farm safety education at farm shows and offering training for first responders

A large cash contribution is going to help the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) warn farmers and their families about the dangers of working in and around stored grain facilities. Four grower organizations including the Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA), Alberta Pulse Growers (APG), Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC), and Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA) have