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Brandt closes GeoShack deal, locks up Topcon sales in Canada

Tractor company revives Ontario deal

A deal to make Brandt Tractor the exclusive dealer for Topcon geopositioning equipment clear across Canada has been resuscitated. Regina-based Brandt announced Tuesday it has closed its previously-announced deal to buy the assets of GeoShack Canada — two weeks after Dallas-based GeoShack declared that “a mutually beneficial deal… has not been attained.” GeoShack has been

Brandt buys GeoShack’s Ontario business

Deal makes equipment firm the exclusive Topcon dealer for Canada

Farm, forestry and construction equipment maker Brandt is about to buy itself a lock on the market for Topcon GPS equipment in Canada. The Regina-based Brandt Group announced Wednesday it has reached a deal to buy the assets of GeoShack Canada Co. and the Canadian assets of Inteq Distributors, both owned by Dallas-based Ultara Holdings.

Christian Wytinck of Cypress River says GPS has a myriad of uses on the family’s farms, mostly revolving around greater efficiency.

Section control helps farmer find more acres

GPS locates overlooked acres

Christian Wytinck always seemed to run out of seed be- fore he finished seeding one of the fields on the family’s farm operation near Cypress River, Man. “We just bought this one field close by and when we went to farm it, Dad thought it would seed 295 acres, but when I went to actually

Farmers keen early adopters, StatsCan report shows

CNS Canada — Canadian farmers in most sectors are strong proponents of data-driven technology, according to a report Wednesday from Statistics Canada. The latest release from StatsCan’s 2016 Census of Agriculture showed farmers were particularly keen to jump into new technology if it improved the efficiency of their operations or their bottom lines. StatsCan spokesperson

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles offer great promise, but aren’t going to replace old-fashioned scouting just yet.

Boots on the ground must support scouting technology

The existing technology can detect variation in a field, but not why that variation exists

There’s no shortage of technology available to help researchers, agronomists, and farmers scout their fields. From satellite imagery and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) to smartphone apps, there are plenty of tools out there. Just don’t expect them to replace boots on the ground any time soon. The limitation of current remote-sensing technology, such

Matthew Reimer, president of Reimer Robotics and Killarney-area farmer, took first place at Ag Days’ 2016 Inventors’ Showcase for a product allowing farmers to turn their existing tractor into a robot.

Tractor turned robot maximizes farm labour, says inventor

First prize at Ag Days 2016 Inventors’ Showcase goes to a Killarney-area farmer 
for his robotics invention that eliminates need for a grain cart driver

At first glance, it looks like one of Matthew Reimer’s farm crew is, well, kind of short. Actually, there is no one driving that grain cart tractor as it navigates the field and pulls up to unload the combine on his Killarney-area farm. Reimer has programmed it to be driverless. Reimer was awarded first place

Trimble to buy consulting firm Agri-Trend

GPS and precision farming firm Trimble is set to buy the Canadian operator of North America’s largest network of independent agricultural consultants. Publicly traded, U.S.-based Trimble, which specializes in GPS and other location services, including the collection and management of on-farm data and services for precision farming, announced Tuesday it will buy Red Deer-based, privately-held

Somerset-area organic farmer Jeremiah Evans is impressed with the weed control he’s getting with a new U.K.-made in-row cultivator.

Precision tillage offers new option for organic weed control

Frustrated with lack of weed control, organic farmer Jeremiah Evans has 
tried a U.K.-made in-row cultivator and he’s impressed with the results

Jeremiah Evans has a new high-tech hand helping him control weeds on his organic farm. Last fall the Somerset-area farmer took delivery of a custom-built U.K.-manufactured Garford Robocrop in-row cultivator, which uses special software to identify and target weeds, leaving the crop behind. After seeing what it could do to his wild oats, thistle and