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Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau has said he will accept Senate amendments to the transport modernization bill.

Garneau agrees to Bill C-49 amendments

The federal transport minister will put forward a motion to accept Senate alterations to the bill

Transport Minister Marc Garneau says he will accept several amendments to his transport modernization bill proposed by the Senate and supported by farm and resource sector groups. A letter to shippers’ groups dated April 27 said the minister would present a motion in the Commons to amend Bill C-49 “to reflect changes the Senate has

Opinion: A rural view of the KPMG provincial review

*[UPDATED: Jan. 10, 2018] There has been much discussion and analysis of the KPMG Manitoba Fiscal Performance Review recently released by the provincial government. However, the potential impacts that will occur in rural and remote Manitoba communities, if some of the review’s recommendations are implemented, have not yet been part of the dialogue. The review

C-49 Transportation Modernization Act off to Senate

Bill C-49, the Grain Modernization Act, has passed third reading in the House of Commons and now goes to the Senate for debate. Farmers and grain companies hope if it becomes law the railways will be obliged to sign level-of-service contracts backed by financial penalties. Read more: Mixed reactions from farm groups to Bill C-49

Rob Brunel, Ste. Rose Municipality mayor and farmer.

Need for tax reform raised at Association of Manitoba Municipalities convention

Provincial finance minister says province is looking at “some bold new ideas on the subject” while also seeking ways 
to ease tax pressure on farmers in the shorter term

Municipal leaders made a plea to the province’s new government last week to rethink how property is assessed as a way of reducing a widening gulf between urban and rural taxpayers’ property taxes. Mayor of Ste. Rose Municipality and farmer Rob Brunel was among the first to the microphones as Premier Brian Pallister and his provincial cabinet assembled

Local politicians say any solution to the land tax question has to come from the provincial government.

Tax protest in RM of Springfield

Organizers want the Manitoba government to remove education taxes on farmland

Landowners in the RM of Springfield are refusing to pay land taxes they say have jumped unreasonably, more than doubling in some cases. They’re hoping to see the province reconsider the way it collects education taxes from farmland, says Dugald farmer Edgar Scheurer, who first suggested Manitoba farmers take action in a Facebook posting “It

Manitoba farmers are all worked up over massive farmland tax increases, but they’re not ready to engage in a tax revolt just yet.

Farmers fail to rally to tax revolt talk

But some want to know why their property taxes have 
more than doubled in a year

If farmland property taxes are too high, don’t pay them. That’s what Dugald farmer Edgar Scheurer suggested while commenting on Facebook about Manitoba Co-operator stories on skyrocketing farmland taxes. Is Scheurer, who faces a 95 per cent jump in his Rural Municipality of Springfield tax bill, seriously suggesting a tax revolt or being facetious? Although

dairy cow

Trans-Pacific Partnership talks worry dairy farmers

Foreign supplies want access to Canadian markets

Canada’s powerful dairy industry expressed concern June 26 that it could suffer if talks to create a Pacific trade treaty open up heavily protected Canadian markets to more foreign competition. Some of the 12 nations taking part in negotiations on a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) want Canada to start dismantling supply management, which protects dairy, egg

An aerial view of the town of Birtle.

Canadian mayors launch vision for stronger hometowns

Mayors and councillors are calling for national debate on municipal issues

Mayors and municipal leaders, working with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), have unveiled a pre-election vision laying out the pressing needs of Canadian communities they want the next government to make a priority. Strengthening Canada’s Hometowns — A Roadmap for Strong Cities and Communities lays out a plan that would guide federal government in

Volunteers along with a number of cattle industry members participated in serving up Canadian beef to military families at CFB Shilo.

Steaks for Soldiers holds final event at CFB Shilo

It has been a big beefy thanks to Canadian Forces 
from the country’s cattle producers

After five years, 11 events and 17,000 steaks served, the Steaks for Soldiers campaign wrapped up with its final event May 9 in CFB Shilo. The Canadian Cattleman’s Association (CCA) first initiated the event in 2007 after the first troop rotation returned home from Afghanistan. The CCA sponsored 1,700 steaks to be served to the