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Cst. Kevin Challoner and Hector (l to r) with Jackson Antoniw and S/Sgt. Matt Lavallee at Rossburn Elementary School on June 18, 2015.

RCMP service dog visits Rossburn boy who named him

It became possible after the dog was stationed in the same province

Jackson Antoniw is a five-year-old boy from Rossburn who came up with a great name, and on April 8, 2015, he was announced a winner in the RCMP’s national Name the Puppy Contest. Jackson suggested the name Hector for one of the Potential Police Service Dogs (PPSD) born at the Police Dog Service Training Centre

All I want for Christmas is a weather station

Each year as we start to get ready for Christmas, I like to do an article or two about different weather gadgets that the weather enthusiast you know might just like. As usual, I will look at different price points, but this year I think I’ll try to stick a little closer to home, by

Above-normal runoff expected in Saskatchewan

A higher, denser snowpack doesn’t guarantee spring flooding, but throw 
in some rain, or a quick melt, and there could be trouble

A higher snowpack across the central Prairies and northern United States will likely result in above-normal run-off this spring, but experts say flooding is not inevitable. “The spring run-off is impacted by a variety of factors like moisture conditions in the fall, snow accumulation in the winter, as well as the rate of melt and

Warren Upham: A man to know

We have known at least since the 19th century that we live in the bottom of an ancient lake bed here in the Red River basin. So how did this knowledge come about? Speculation about an ancient lake likely existed from early on. American Indians would have noticed the lines of deposits of earth, stone

Efforts continue to keep Mississippi River open

The drought-drained Mississippi River has enough water for barges to maintain shipments of billions of dollars’ worth of commodities, and the White House will consider “any option” to keep it open for commerce, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin said on Jan. 7. Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, said the outlook for the nation’s

Drought measures may curb Mississippi River shipping

Reuters / Commercial barge traffic on a critical stretch of the Mississippi River south of St. Louis may be severely restricted or halted entirely next month as drought conservation measures stem the inflow of water from the Missouri River. With the worst U.S. drought in 56 years sapping the reservoirs that feed the Missouri River,

Are you ready for the next big flood?

Few of us remember the Red River basin flood of 1950. Even fewer were prepared for the flood when it hit. The dry 1930s and modest flooding of the 1940s had lulled basin communities into complacency. Then, a winter of heavy snow followed by heavy spring rains resulted in flooding all along the main stem

Netley-Libau project wins innovation award

The Netley-Libau Nutrient-Bioenergy Project has been recognized by the Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development as it seeks commercial opportunities for its findings. After receiving the award for Innovation and Research for Sustainability at the Manitoba legislature, lead researcher Richard Grosshan said the focus of the project has changed since he began work at the

Hay is here, markets are there

The hay is here, it’s moving it that’s the problem. The Tyrchniewicz report found that the Manitoba and Saskatchewan forage industry has sufficient quality and quantities of forage for export markets, the spotty availability of up-to-date market intelligence and a lack of compressing, pelleting and cubing facilities hinders the export trade. Portage la Prairie and

Red River nutrient management plan in the works

Plans for a nutrient management strategy for the Red River watershed have been endorsed by the International Red River Board of the International Joint Commission. Representatives of North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba, the Red River Basin Commission (RRBC) and federal agencies from both countries have agreed to work together across various jurisdictions within the watershed.