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Aid Package For Flooded Farmers

The Manitoba government announced several compensation programs worth an estimated $44 million for farmers May 24 as part of a sweeping $175-million package of mitigation and compensation measures related to flooding in the province. There is a program for farmers south of the Hoop and Holler Bend near Portage la Prairie and surrounding Lake Manitoba

The Jacksons – for Jun. 4, 2009

Dust billowed behind the black Chevy Camaro as it sped along the dirt road heading towards the Jackson farm. Brady Jackson kept the gas pedal down, enjoying the warm wind gusting in through the open T-roof and the music blaring from the speakers as he drove. When he passed the row of trees that his

I’m staying home this Christmas

The weather, as usual, was not cooperating. Roads were reported to be slippery. Travelling was not advised. However, my favourite cousin had come all the way from Saskatchewan just for this occasion. We had a tradition to keep and we decided to make the journey despite the weather and despite our parents urging us to