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Genetic Analysis Shows E. Coli Strain Is New, Highly Infectious

Ahighly infectious new strain of E. coli bacteria is causing a deadly outbreak of food poisoning that is spreading from Germany across Europe, scientists said on June 2, raising alarm bells worldwide. Experts in China, part of a global network of laboratories racing to understand the sickness that has so far killed 17 people, said

Make Your Safety Plan Work For You

lan Farm Safety” is the three-year theme of the Canadian Agricultural Safety campaign. Each aspect of the theme is being promoted with a yearlong campaign. Last year the campaign highlighted “Plan” with safety walkabouts and planning for safety. This year, the focus is on “Farm” including implementation, documentation and training. And next year, emphasis will

France Takes On Germany In Global Gastronomy Battle

France unveiled a global campaign Feb. 16 to reconquer the world’s dinner plates and regain its standing as the gastronomic yardstick four years after Germany overtook it as Europe’s top food exporter. Germany, known more as an industrial powerhouse, pushed ahead of France in the European Union’s 2007 food export ranking, as tough competition in

The Jacksons – for Sep. 16, 2010

Acool breeze blew a few early autumn leaves across the grass in the Jacksons’ pasture as Andrew and Rose walked side by side toward the flock of sheep grazing contentedly in the lengthening shadows. The sun sank low behind the trees in the west and a nighthawk winged its way across the sky. Rose turned

Women’s Retreat Centre To Be Built

“It began simply with the idea of a place where women could go to be refreshed and then the idea grew and grew.” – JOY KLASSEN, WOMEN’S RETREAT FOUNDER Joy Klassen, a mother and former farmer, has experienced valleys in life and now wants to create a restful place for women who are facing challenges

A Gift That Continues To Give

Last Christmas a Boissevain School classroom took on a project. Mrs. Connie Krowchuk’s class chose to buy an entire stable for a needy family through World Vision. “I had been considering this idea for a couple of years,” Krowchuk said. “When I received a letter from World Vision explaining the project I decided it was

The Jacksons – for Sep. 24, 2009

They’re calling it August the 43rd, although it’s actually September 12. “If it weren’t for the weather, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about,” Herb Johnson is fond of saying to the crowd at the café in town, and he’s right. And the weather has not only been talk-worthy, it’s the kind of weather one

Historian laments forgotten finery of British food

Rationing, the Industrial Revolution and a drastic reduction in household servants have nearly killed off Britain’s once-rich tradition of food. At least that’s the argument put forth by British food historian Ivan Day when presented with the stereotype of his country as a nation filled with fast food-loving Philistines. Day, a food history author and