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OUR HISTORY: May Day parade, 1912

In 1912, approximately 6,200 horses still travelled the streets of Winnipeg. While they were quickly being replaced by automobiles and trucks (chiefly built by McGlaughlin or Ford), they were still used for fire engines, milk delivery, beer delivery and mostly for short hauling of freight to and from the rail yards. The picture shows the

Manitoba a biocomposites world leader?

Composites Innovation Centre official says researchers close to finding way to create super-strong composites from flax and hemp fibres

Manitoba researchers believe they are on the brink of game-changing breakthrough that could thrust the province — and its farmers — into the forefront of the multibillion-dollar composites materials industry. “Manitoba has a real opportunity to be a global biomaterial centre,” said Simon Potter, sector manager for product innovations at the Composites Innovation Centre (CIC)

Truckin’ Around In A New Ford F150 EcoBoost

There are lots of people around for whom that new truck smell is nothing remarkable. After all, trucks are not only a fact of rural life, they are for many, a necessary all-purpose vehicle. You don’t see many farmyards across this province that don’t have at least one light-duty truck parked in the driveway. Compare

Rogers/MTS Shared Tower Goes Live March 31

Rural residents frustrated with turtle-slow dial-up Internet service may have some new options by March 31. That’s because Netco, a new joint venture between competing telecom giants Rogers and MTS, will flip the switch province-wide on a new service called HSPA+, which stands for High Speed Packet Access. Months in the making, the tower-shar ing

In Brief… – for Feb. 17, 2011

Biodiesel mandate:Canadian canola growers are pleased by a federal announcement Feb. 10 to mandate biodiesel in diesel fuel starting July 1. “A two per cent renewable fuel mandate for diesel fuel has the potential to create new domestic demand for about one million tonnes of canola,” says Ed Schafer, president of the Canadian Canola Growers

Corporate Concentration Affects All Aspects Of Farming

Complaints about corporate control of the development of new genetically engineered crop varieties have to be placed in perspective, says Gord Surgeoner, president of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies. “One of the most important things in agriculture is financing,” he told the Commons agriculture committee as part of a study of biotechnology development in the country. “I

Potato Harvest On The Colony

Trucks are waiting! Everybody welcome. Thank you!” The crisp message rings from the public address system, inviting colony members to a shift of picking weeds and lumps of dirt out of newly harvested potatoes travelling by conveyor into the shed. “This is a recorded announcement!” one of the young women deadpans. Grabbing gloves and a

In Brief… – for Aug. 19, 2010

Pickups rise on U. S. theft list: Hauling power has made pickups a “group to watch” in an annual U. S. insurers’ study of vehicle theft losses. Models such as the Ford F-250/350, Chevy Silverado 1500, and Dodge Ram 2500 were found to be attractive “not only because of the vehicles themselves but also because