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A younger, more affluent urban generation wants companies to deliver on higher quality and more transparency.

Meet your new boss, same as the old boss

Your key customers are reacting to the shifting demands of their key customers

The only Washington, D.C.-area team having a worse year than the Baltimore Orioles is big food’s biggest, richest lobbying arm, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, or the GMA. Most American farmers and ranchers don’t know GMA by its acronym; they do, however, know its work: it was the organizer and chequebook behind the defeat of several

Comeau: A measly $292.50 that could have changed it all

Interprovincial trade will remain hidebound to internal protectionism, thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling

The recent Supreme Court ruling on interprovincial trade barriers is a significant loss for consumers and our Canadian economy, but a great win for inertia. The Comeau case was never just about beer. It was essentially about enabling our domestic economy across the country to thrive. For the agri-food sector, the decision would have had

Change in command at Ag Canada

Agriculture Canada will be getting a new deputy minister in September when 28-year veteran Suzanne Vinet takes over from John Knubley. Vinet, currently president of the Economic Development Agency of Canada, started at Ag Canada in 1984 and worked her way up to assistant deputy minister for trade policy before leaving in 2007 for senior

Cairns Group Looks To Break The Impasse

Representatives of more than 25 countries are in Saskatoon this week looking for a way to break the deadlock in the WTO negotiations. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and his Australian counterpart are chairing the two-day Cairns Group meeting from Sept. 7 to 9. The group, which held its inaugural meeting in the Aussie city, has

Universities Flunking On Food Safety

The remarkable success in controlling many foodborne diseases must be considered one of the great achievements of public health in the past century. Due largely to public health laws, food regulatory agencies and continuous improvement by the food industry, we have almost eradicated human disease and death from many foodborne diseases such as scarlet fever,