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Antonio Guterres, secretary general of the United Nations, virtually addresses a pre-summit event. (Video screengrab via

U.N. looks for recipe to tackle global food dysfunction

Reuters — Billions of people are overweight, millions are hungry, one third of food is wasted and the way the world produces, processes and consumes food generates one-third of greenhouse gas emissions, U.N. chief Antonio Guterres said on Thursday at the first global summit on the future of food. The aim of the summit is


Early-pandemic calls to localize supply chains unfounded

With a year's worth of data, three agriculture economists revisit early-pandemic predictions on the food supply chain

With a year's worth of data, three agriculture economists revisit early-pandemic predictions on the food supply chain

A year of data shows early-pandemic calls for radical changes to food systems and risk management programs were unfounded, say some economists. Particularly in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, food supply chains struggled to adapt to changing consumption patterns and processors shut down due to virus outbreaks. “Into that void of uncertainty came

non GMO sign

Politics and the revenge of the food consumer

The USDA has decided to act on growing pressure and establish a voluntary program 
to label food products with non-GMO content

What was unthinkable a few years ago is now happening. In an unprecedented move, the United States Department of Agriculture has established a voluntary program to label food products with non-GMO content. Non-GMOs already exist in the marketplace, but none of them are sanctioned by the government. At the request of a global food company,

Common-sense strategies drive sustainable agriculture

Common-sense strategies drive sustainable agriculture

A recent Iowa conference looked at the role women 
have in creating sustainable agricultural networks

How can agriculture transform our food system, save the planet and create a just global society? In mid-November, I attended a gathering of more than 400 farmers, industry professionals and food activists all seeking to answer that question. They gathered at the 4th National Conference for Women in Sustainable Agriculture in Des Moines, Iowa organized

Harvest Moon expands food initiative

Harvest Moon expands food initiative

Local buying clubs take the burden of direct marketing off the shoulders of small farm operators

The six-year-old initiative connects consumers and farmers through buying clubs and pickup sites. Customers place and pay for the orders online and later pickup their order at a site set up by the buying club in that area. Last year, there were four sites in Winnipeg and one in Starbuck. But organizers are now adding

An agricultural connection to the Iran hostage crisis

Since a Canadian flag helped American Lee Schatz escape the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979, he never left home without one

Brian Oleson is head of the department of agricultural economics at the University of Manitoba. He recently watched the Academy award-winning film Argo, based on the 1979 rescue of six U.S. diplomats by the Canadian Embassy in Iran under the direction of Ambassador Kenneth Taylor. Here he relates another Canadian connection. Watching Argo reminded me

Conference board food strategy consultation a smokescreen

Why the National Farmers Union won’t be participating in the conference board discussions towards a national food strategy

For those of us who care deeply about locally based food systems and who recognize the role food can play in strengthening our communities, ecosystems and economies, it can be tempting to jump at each and every opportunity to get a piece of our vision mentioned in larger discussions about food and agriculture. As part

Recipe Swap: What rationing tasted like

With Remembrance Day approaching, many teachers turn to resources of Veterans Affairs for ways to help young people understand the meaning of the day. Here is an idea that you might want to observe in your own home this Sunday. It is called the “Missing Man” dinner setting, and involves setting your dinner table with

Travel, trade and local markets

It was no surprise to learn last week that our federal minister of agriculture has racked up $271,000 in travel expenses since March 2011, the most of anyone in the federal cabinet. But unlike some of his colleagues, whose expense accounts have raised eyebrows among Canadians and howls of protest from opposition critics, we expect